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House Passes Farm Bill Without SNAP, White House Threatens Veto

The House of Representatives has finally passed a farm bill, however the bill passed today does not simply exclude cuts to the SNAP program. It excludes SNAP entirely. And for this reason, President Obama has threatened to veto the legislation.

The bill “fails to reauthorize nutrition programs, which benefit millions of Americans — in rural, suburban and urban areas alike,” said a veto message from President Obama’s budget office. “The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program is a cornerstone of our nation’s food assistance safety net, and should not be left behind as the rest of the Farm Bill advances.”

The Obama administration statement also said the Republican bill “does not contain sufficient commodity and crop insurance reforms and does not invest in renewable energy, an important source of jobs and economic growth in rural communities across the country.”

Although the bill passed today does not cut the SNAP program, it would be a mistake not the embrace the White House’s threat because isolating food stamps from the greater farm bill leaves them wide open to attack.

Without the cover of the obligation to pass an omnibus agricultural spending bill, it will be far more difficult to gather the votes necessary to reauthorize SNAP without making deep cuts to it. Because, like it not, re-authorization must pass through the House of Representatives and it’s unlikely that House conservatives will vote to re-authorize the program without major cuts when the threat of failing to pass an omnibus spending bill is no longer hanging over their heads.

Separating SNAP from the greater farm bill is Eric Cantor’s attempt to dislodge the leverage Democrats hold over the program. Without that leverage, SNAP is almost certainly going to face deep cuts.

And just in case it wasn’t clear — House Republicans are doing everything they can right now to take food away from poor people, most of whom are children, the disabled, or the elderly.

If you’re still on the fence about it, go read this and get back to me.

  • Amidei

    House Republicans are doing everything they can right now to take food away from poor people, most of whom are children, the disabled, or the elderly.

  • Senor Equis

    What makes me cry is that we have 1/3rd of America on the dole. Mission accomplished comrade Obama!

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Mission accomplished Republican bastards, actually. Go back and finish high school, unless you’re really that retarded and need a small yellow bus to ride around in.

    • nasani

      Please stop polluting this beautiful space with your regurgitated garbage. Parroting the the stupid and stinking S***t you heard from druggie Limbaugh the drunk Glenn Beck does not make you an intelligent person.

  • nicole

    “go read this”

    Reading the article on the WP made me cry. It makes me feel ashamed to be an American, and it makes me want to throw every fucking wingnut off a damn bridge, starting with John fucking Boehner.

    I really don’t believe that they have souls.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    And yet, these GOP assholes will get away with it because the public doesn’t give a fucking shit what goes on in Washington because they think both sides are equally reprehensible – which is false.

  • blackdaug

    What level of dytopian nightmare civilization would be acceptable for Republicans at this point?
    Would they feed people if it became inconvenient for them to step over the piles of emaciated corpses in the street?
    Are they trying to create a permanent class of developmentally impaired children to clean their pools and mow their yards?
    Seriously, what kind of soulless monster can rationalize this level of malicious conduct anymore?
    How can you call yourself a human being and be a modern day republican?

  • BlueTrooth

    The SNAP and Farm subsidies HAVE TO be tied together, period. The initial LAZY reporting I saw indicated a short term bill that INCLUDED SNAP was passed. Now I’m reading SNAP was stripped? Have the Repubs in the South lost their minds? Do they have any clue how many people in their States have a need for SNAP? Oh, my bad, redistricting and making Voter IDs unaffordable have rendered them “untouchable”.

  • MrDHalen

    I don’t think I can hold back my HATE for Republicans much longer! How sick do you have to be to watch your neighbors starve? How much longer before a GOP rep makes the off hand comment that “we should just feed the poor to the poor”?

    When it comes time for the guillotines, I don’t want to chop off these pricks heads. I want to shove $100 bills down their throats until they explode. How much do you freaking need you sick bastards???!!! It’s FOOD FOR AMERICANS you sick fucks!!!

    Sorry, rant over!

    • Senor Equis

      You can do what you want to the pols, but don’t try to take my guns.

      And folks we have 101 million people on some form of food aid from the feds. That’s a higher share than ancient Rome at the peak of bread and circuses. Either we start creating jobs, any jobs in this country or something’s going to give when the Fed can’t print enough money or those EBT cards fail in an EMP attack.

      • Senor Equis

        It’s all about creating the FSA — Free $&*( Army

        • PinkamenaPanic

          Yeah, keep pushing those racist memes, boy.

      • trgahan

        Yeah, sometimes when I mash the keys it makes words too, but I tend not share them with the adults.

        • blackdaug

          10 extra up votes for making tea come out my nose like that….refreshing!

  • missliberties

    Not acceptable.