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John Boehner Touts Obstruction As A Success

In an interview on Face The Nation today, Speaker of the House John Boehner explained that congress under his divine leadership shouldn’t be judged by how many laws they pass, or how many lives they improve, but rather how many laws they repeal.

The do-nothings of the 113th congress, so far:


Forget about congress’s gutter trash approval ratings that reside somewhere between ants at a picnic and a crying baby on a bus. This is, according to John Boehner, all about responding to the will of the American people!

“If we’re listening to the American people and we’re following their will, our House will work just fine.”

I’d like to know, who are these “American people” John Boehner thinks he is doing right by and what sort of precautions do the orderlies take at the asylum when they start eating their own feces?

  • Bob Rutledge

    When a Republican says “the American people” he’s referring to Supreme Court sanctioned people like Monsanto, Exxon-Mobile, Massey Energy. Not to flesh-and-blood Takers and Chattel.

  • Broadway Carl

    Wait, what? And how many laws has the House actually repealed under the leadership of Weeper of the House Boehner? I’m guessing less than they passed if the number isn’t zero.

  • mdblanche

    Congress under his “leadership” hasn’t successfully repealed any laws either.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Considering he’s riding herd over a bunch of teabagger morons who only agree on one thing: Their hatred for the Evil Kenyan Usurper, this is a success!

  • blackdaug

    As Boehner pretends to preside over his own incompetent, destructive, leaderless Idiocracy, the Mars Attacks solution becomes more and more appealing.

  • muselet

    Sounds like John Boehner had a little too much Merlot for breakfast this morning.


    • Victor_the_Crab

      From now on, Agent Orange needs to take a breathalyzer test before being interviewed by the media. If he fails it, he gets smacked across his rind like face with a two by four.