Civil War Morning Awesome

Morning Awesome

The 75th Anniversary of Gettysburg Newsreel Footage
Today marks the 150th Anniversary of Day One of the Battle

  • muselet

    In case anyone has missed it, Esquire is running a series it’s calling “Esquire Gettysburg Reenactment”, written by Lt. Col. Robert Bateman, a career infantry officer and instructor at West Point. If you want to understand what was actually happening at Gettysburg, this is a good place to start.


  • LeShan Jones

    That was a great video, I remember seeing it in various parts of Ken Burns Civil War documentary, I always laughed at how the author Shelby Foote in that series said that we dont know what the rebel yell sounded like and at the end of the series we have the old guy letting us hear what the rebel yell sounded like.
    It’s fascinating to me to see all these old Victorian men in the modern era of the 1930s, so far removed from the world they came from.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Don’t know if you’re familiar with this band, Bob. But the Brandos put out this song called Gettysburgh iin 1987. Perfect for this day.