Over the Weekend, This Erickson Tweet Happened

Erick Erickson — wow — he just can’t stop classing it up with totally thoughtful and insightful nuggets of wisdom like this:

The link goes to a coat hanger supply company. Yes, really.

He later tried to backpedal by explaining that he was hectoring the use of coat hangers in liberal protest rallies. Yeah, okay. Then there was this:

This is one of the most insidious fallacies from the right — that liberals relish in the notion of abortion. Speaking for this liberal, myself, the harsh reality of an abortion procedure, taken alone, is repulsive. But as with many things in life, the choices we make are never clean or easy. We don’t always delight in the path we choose for ourselves, but we often have no other choice given a wide range of circumstances. Sometimes those circumstances lead women to choose an abortion, and as ugly as the procedure might be (many medical procedures run the gamut of ugliness), it must remain a constitutionally protected option for so many reasons. Because if that freedom of choice is taken away, we’ve allowed a mostly male faction of American politics to rescind one of the most personal, private right women have — the right to control what happens or doesn’t happen inside of their bodies.

  • SEPA_Q

    As a woman and the mother of two daughters, I find this tweet to be among the most hateful, disgusting, reprehensible comments EVER by ANYONE! Let’s not forget that whatever your political leanings — liberal or conservative or whatever — only a woman ever had to risk her life, her health, her reproductive ability during those days of back alley abortions. He’s not really addressing “liberals”; he’s addressing women — all women. As to “the harsh reality of an abortion procedure”, the great majority these days are not even surgical procedures. They involve taking prescription medication orally. These new laws force women to travel to [non-existent] surgical centers simply to take pills with a physician present. To do what? Nothing. All delay and difficulty for no reason at all. Late term abortions are a small percentage of all procedures, usually undertaken because the fetus is unlikely to live or because the mother’s life is at risk. These bastards make it sound like women decide to have a late term abortion because they got a good price on an airline ticket so they decide to travel instead!

    If reliable birth control were available universally and at little or no cost, there would be far fewer abortions that serve as backup contraception. The primary business of these women’s health centers like Planned Parenthood — the ones that will be closed down because they aren’t equipped like a surgical center — is for well woman’s health examinations and dispensing of … guess what… birth control! Closing them down will eliminate access to safe abortion, while making it more difficult to obtain contraception which will result in…. You guessed it! More unwanted pregnancies.

    I seldom use the word “hate” but I hate these people. Because they hate women. They would have us die rather than give us the right to control our own bodies.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Erickson is cut from the same clothe as Steve Stockman. They relish in saying vile things that enrage liberals.

  • trgahan

    I think the “Cultural Of Death” will go down in history as the greatest straw man argument in the history of U.S. politics.

    We frequently are astounded by the disconnect from reality the pro-gun movement exhibits; yet it’s nothing compared to the deluded fantasy world the ant-abortion crowd has had to construct to maintain their place in the public debate. No, OBGYN’s don’t do a happy dance every time someone asks them to do an abortion. No, social workers don’t demand abortions of every pregnant woman that walks through the door. No woman aren’t suddenly having abortions because of feminism, secularism, or any other –ism. And so it goes.

    I’d probably respect the anti-abortion crowd if they’d cut the shit and admit that what they really want is that little miracle born so it can forever be a God sent punishment to the women of “the other” to keep their damn legs closed.

    • muselet


      As for your last paragraph, if the fetus fetishists did that, I’d give them points for honesty. I still wouldn’t respect them, though.


  • Mike_Norris

    Is it as repulsive as strapping someone to a hospital bed and injecting a chemical cocktail to stop their heart and lungs until their dead? You see, since Republicans are generally irony impaired they can make the distinction between aborting a zygote and killing a fully functioning human being. They like killing people in prison–but they will lie, cheat, and manipulate any legislation necessary to prevent a woman from choosing to terminate a pregnancy. Look, as a hair-on-fire liberal myself, I find abortion to be as repugnant as any conservative. But strapping someone down and killing them with an IV is just as repugnant and repulsive as any abortion ever was. And I don’t want to hear that conservative horseshit about killers making choices that lead to their executions. Killing is killing.

    A disclaimer: On the matter of executions–I have some expertise and a strong opinion. I have spent the last three years as a chaplain for the Department of Corrections and as a chaplain in a county detention facility. I have counseled prisoners on death row and with inmates who are facing capital charges. I have never, however, been a woman. I have never been pregnant and I have no familiarity with an unwanted pregnancy. And I do not suffer from irony impairment.

  • muselet

    There are circumstances under which a woman’s best—or, perhaps more accurately, least bad—option is an abortion. Fetus fetishists know this, although they’ll never admit it, not even to themselves (even as they take their knocked-up daughters to women’s health centers to … erm … take care of the little darlings’ problem).

    I have no patience for the likes of Erick ibn Erick. When he gets pregnant, his opinion on the subject of abortion might count for something. Until then, his opinion is just so much hot air.


  • ChrisAndersen

    I recently had cataract surgery. This involves sticking a knife in my eye, slicing a layer of the eyeball away, pulling out the old lens and inserting an artificial lens in its place.

    Nothing squeamish about that at all is there?

    In other words, just because it is icky doesn’t mean it is bad.

    • FlipYrWhig

      But that diseased eye was a gift from God! And you took that precious gift into your own hands and threw it away. The Pro-Eye community knows every eye is sacred. That’s why we have eyeballs on our money! For shame, for shame. :P

  • willpen

    This is why we must take back the Pro-Life meme and make it our own. No one is Anti-Life and the right has made it seem so by using the Pro-Life meme to represent us as evil.
    It should be: It’s not about Pro-Abortion because we are all Pro-Life. It’s about Freedom of Choice. We need to consistently reaffirm this message.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Apparently, we, sarcasticly, tell Eric Erickson to stay classy. And he interprets it to mean stay crassy, and then goes right ahead and does it. What a piece of filth he is.