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In other news, North Carolina Republicans have revived their ban on Sharia Law by attaching it to a bill regarding metering agreements for renters.

Can none of their ideas stand on their own?

Meanwhile, Miami City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff would like to bring back the practice of jailing homeless people for cooking food.

  • LeShan Jones

    A ban on Sharia law. The right is just mad that they didn’t think of it first.

  • Christopher Foxx

    But in 1998, the city of Miami came to a landmark agreement, known as Pottinger v. City of Miami, whereby police officers were instructed not to arrest homeless people they caught committing minor “quality of life” offenses, but instead offer them a bed in a nearby homeless shelter. This new emphasis on providing homeless people with housing has been remarkably successful. In the 15 years since Pottinger, the number of people living on the streets hasdropped from approximately 6,000 to 351, largely due to more shelters and support.

    Despite the program’s success, … Miami City Commissioner [Marc Sarnoff] wants to back out of the deal and resume arresting homeless people for living on the streets.

    “Because it really isn’t a matter of helping people. It’s all about getting them out of my sight!” said Sarnoff in an unusual moment of honesty.

    • Felonious Grammar

      If he wants them “out of his sight” then he should lobby to expand the program. It’s been found that when mentally disturbed homeless persons are offered housing assistance without having to be labeled “mentally ill” and required to acquiesce to the vagaries of whatever psychiatrist the crap shoot of their difficult lives deals them, that they become quite stable, reduce or stop drug and alcohol abuse and start getting themselves together.

      • muselet

        It doesn’t look like video is available (too bad, it was a wonderful story), but NOW did a story back in ’07 about a long-term homeless man in New York City called “Footie” who was given his own apartment by a program called Pathways. Once he had his own place, he became more stable, more secure, and he started taking better care of himself, which was just what Pathways predicted would happen.

        Giving homeless people housing helps solve the problems of homelessness. Who could possibly have predicted?


    • BillAndersoot

      When I lived in Seattle, the city had what I believe was an unofficial policy to deal with the homeless. As described to me by a homeless guy I met in a park one day: “They let you sleep on the sidewalk without bothering you, but you have to get up EARLY because they spray the sidewalks down in the morning and if you’re still asleep, you’re gonna get WET.” According to him, the only sidewalks the city really worked hard to keep clean were the ones where homeless people tended to sleep.

  • Christopher Foxx

    Can none of their ideas stand on their own?

    You have to ask?

    Rule of thumb: If you can’t get anyone to support you without having to blatantly lie to them or otherwise hide what you’re trying to do, they maybe you should re-think what you’re trying to do.

    (Unfortunately, the folks who see nothing wrong with blatant lies to fool folks into supporting them utterly lack any sense of shame or introspection.)