Abortion Congress Open Thread

Show Them We Mean It


Artist – Tim Eagan

In other news, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) announced today that he will sign an abortion bill that will close 15 out of 16 clinics in the state that provide abortions.

The War on Women is obviously a fiction.

  • D_C_Wilson

    It’s all part of the GOP’s long game. By forcing women to give birth to unwanted children at the same they’re slashing funding for food stamps and education, they’re guaranteeing that million of kids will grow up in abusive and neglectful environments. They’ll get a lousy education, too. By the time they turn 18, they’ll be ignorant and resentful with no real job prospects and looking for someone to blame all their problems on.

    In other words, the perfect republican voters.

    • mrbrink

      God wants all of your children. Sell them to him!