Drones Racism

Sirota Scoots Farther Out on His White Privilege Limb

Earlier in the week, Salon’s David Sirota pissed off all thinking people by comparing President Obama to George Zimmerman and therefore Trayvon Martin with terrorist Anwar Al-Awlaki. It must’ve been really good for traffic because he wrote an all new post about it, this time drawing Eric Holder and the NAACP into his mishmosh of ridiculous, racially insensitive false equivalences.

Yes, really. He totally brought Holder AND the NAACP into the proceedings. Because the ice beneath his feet wasn’t quite thin enough, apparently.

This time, Sirota quoted a speech Eric Holder delivered to the NAACP about Stand Your Ground laws and too-cleverly pretended as if Holder was talking about drone strikes. Get it? Har-har.

Yeah, Sirota is still drawing a 1:1 comparison between these two very different things. He totally fails to understand how it makes him look like the ultimate poster boy for white privilege, and he’s utterly clueless about how the rules and conduct of war are very different from vigilante gun violence against innocent (too often African American) victims like Darius Simmons or Trayvon Martin.

But none of that matters when the traffic is piled high. Mission accomplished, Sirota.

  • js hooper

    I told y’all Sirota and other firebaggers INTENTIONALLY go out of their way to agitate & offend black people.

    Chalking this up to “link bait” is being FAR TO KIND in my opinion. Ask yourself…Why does saying outlandish things about black political figures and hijacking black social issues seem so popular for Sirota’s allegedly “progressive” audience.

    Remember Sirota is also one of the clowns who ran around like chickens with their heads cut off defending Ron Paul over his RACIST Newsletters, personal connections & Policy views.

    • beulahmo

      I always suspected what this fucker was about, but after observing his consdescending dismissal of ANY POC who approached him with calm and reasonable objections to his piece, and after observing his unfailing assumption that a POC w/ an objection was “willfully ignorant” (i.e., slavishly devoted), I became convinced that this fucker has become biased (racist) against President Obama’s black supporters. Here’s just one classic exchange that I took a screenshot of (but I’m sure there were many more just like it):

      Edit: Crap. Tried to upload a screenshot and it didn’t work. I’ll try again.

    • beulahmo

      Here it is. ::eyeroll:: I get a little impatient with Disqus, I guess. {:-[]

  • Christopher Foxx

    But none of that matters when the traffic is piled high. Mission accomplished, Sirota.

    Do you really think Sirota is writing this to get traffic? If so, that motivation weakens the argument that he’s unaware of his poster-boy-for-privilege status.

    • beulahmo

      I sticking with my take — that it’s vindictiveness toward black Obama supporters, in addition to the typical Obamasux outrage porn.

  • i_a_c

    Wrap your head around this: Sirota says that drones are “institutionalized vigilantism.” Uh….

    And there he goes again, using the struggles of people of color as props to tear down black leaders like Obama and Holder and promote his agenda. Could not be more revolting.

  • Raina

    He goes there again:

    Sirota: I dont understand how Obama can make such powerful statements on race today while also promoting this man: (referring to Ray Kelly)

    “Scoot” reminds me of dogs rubbing their butts on the carpet, so a very appropriate word WRT Sirota.

  • missliberties

    Bouycott David Sirota!

    No clicks for you Davey.

  • beulahmo

    I said this on another blog and I’ll repeat it here, because I think Sirota’s about more than just scrambling up some click traffic:

    I think Sirota knows what he’s doing. He’s been taunting people he considers “slavishly loyal” to President Obama for a few years now. Black Democrats particularly annoy him, because they’re not open to his manipulation…black people who understand what it’s like to have standards unevenly applied to them…black people who’ve been in the position of being judged with extra harshness despite working with built-in handicaps white folks will never have to encounter…black folks who understandably hesitate to harshly judge our first black president for having to get results despite facing unprecedented obstruction (GOP, Citizens United, conservative media complex, lazy journalism, etc.) But none of that matters to Sirota, because he knows he can easily dismiss them by describing them as unthinkingly loyal (and the dog whistles help quite a bit here–yes they do!) or willfully ignorant or hypocritical or whatever.

    No, I don’t think Sirota is tone deaf — you kidding me? No, I think this was his passive-aggressive way to stick a knife in the guts of Obama’s most steadfast supporters while the Trayvon wound was still horribly fresh. There is NO WAY he was unaware of how deeply black Americans were stung by the Zimmerman acquittal. Likewise, there is NO WAY he was unaware of how their pain would be magnified if they had to subsequently watch people on the left (supposedly their only political/social allies with whom they need to feel a sense of solidarity now more than ever) were nodding their heads in agreement with his opportunistic and weakly-supported characterization of President Obama as George Zimmerman. NO WAY. This motherfucker KNEW what he was doing. I’m convinced. And his behavior in the aftermath — his condescending dismissal of Elon James White, for example — only reinforces my certainty of this.

    • js hooper

      You perfectly explained what I’ve been trying to say for days now. These assholes are doing this shit on purpose.