Southern Avenger Also a Daily Caller, Fox News Regular

It gets better. Or worse, depending on your perspective.

The rabidly-racist, neo-confederate co-author of Rand Paul’s Book The Tea Party Goes to Washington is also a contributor to The Daily Caller, a frequent guest on Fox News, and also co-wrote Heritage Foundation President Jim DeMint’s book Now or Never: Saving America from Economic Collapse.

via Media Matters

Hunter’s Daily Caller archive lists more than 50 pieces from him between August 2011 and May 2013, including numerous editions of a slickly-produced, Daily Caller-branded video commentary series, “The Deal with Jack Hunter.” His most recent Daily Caller piece was published on May 6 and headlined, “Rand Paul shatters left-right paradigm, can help grow GOP.” In his written and video commentaries, Hunter regularly promoted the candidacy of Ron Paul, whose 2012 presidential campaign he worked for as an “official campaign blogger.” [...]

According to a search of the Nexis database, Hunter appeared as a guest on Fox Business’ Freedom Watch more than twenty times between March 14, 2011, and February 13, 2012. Freedom Watch was hosted by Fox News senior judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano and was cancelled in February 2012. [...]

Hunter helped write Jim DeMint’s most recent 2012 book, Now or Never: Saving America from Economic Collapse. DeMint writes in the acknowledgements page: “I would like to thank my editor and collaborator, Jack Hunter, who contributed his writing skills and passion for freedom to make this book more readable and insightful.” Hunter also wrote a chapter introduction in the book. The book features a foreword by Sen. Rand Paul.

At some point the idea that this is all a coincidence just can’t be taken seriously anymore. Nor can you expect anyone to believe that Fox Business, DeMint, Paul, and The Daily Caller were all unaware of his past.

I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that they knew exactly who he was and that’s exactly why they all hired him. He’s one of us! Go Team White!

  • zirgar

    So, if he’s a Southern Avenger he must be Captain Confederacy.

    • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

      Oh, my….we absolutely MUST start a satirical comic based on a duo called “Southern Avenger” and “Captain Confederacy”. I will do the illustration if someone wants to come up with the story ideas and dialog. I can see them now…..Southern Avenger will have a potbelly and one of those hats with beer cans and straws….the Captain will have his great grandaddy’s sword and a Colonel Sanders beard and mustache…….

      • zirgar
        • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

          Well, darnit. I still want to do something satirical and set in current time…..

          Did you read that last part….”The new Captain Confederacy is a black woman, pregnant with the last Captain’s baby.” WTF?! I sure hope their comic is satire….but it doesn’t specify.

  • BlueTrooth

    While it’s fair enough to call “Gotcha!”, there’s more to be discovered in the long list of gotchas regarding Storm Front and KKK and Aryan Brothers. I spent some time in the underworld of “Libertarian” organizations. I was intrigued by the Ron Paul campaign in 2006-7 and participated in “the whole damn mess” (as I would later characterize it). On the surface, it appears to be ideological and confined to basic principles of scope of authority. However once I had gained trust, I was introduced to an entirely different movement. A very organized, very manipulative and very secretive movement. While I say it’s secretive, it is equally transparent once you openly accept the essential premise of racial purity and supremacy (or at least establishing the institutional bias). In essence, the network is a lot like the Fraternity I belonged to in College except the secret handshake is your skin color AND your religion. But that’s another story for another time, my point is that Hunter is not an anomaly in the “conservative movement” and we shouldn’t stop at “gotcha” with Rand Paul. It’s high time our journalists started asking some hard questions and start following the money to connect the dots. The NRA is in this thing DEEEEEEEP and they aren’t kidding about being armed for the race wars and doing battle with the “Government”. Storm Front was never a sideshow or accidental association of support for Ron Paul. It was an organizing “hub” and when I was directed to the website (after months of surface dwelling) I was blown away. After defending Ron Paul against the newsletter attacks…it was the most disillusioned I have ever felt. I was livid that I had been duped so hard, that I had let my disgust with GW Bush and Dick Cheney remove all sense of “better judgment”. Anyway, I got back on track and back to my true principles of fairness and community, my liberal roots. Hopefully, some real reporting will emerge this time on the Libertarian ruse.

    • trgahan

      The media is too busy reporting faux-libertarianism as some new, totally legit political philosophy on the rise in America. Electoral results tell a different story, but when has that stopped anyone. Like the associated Tea Party, a great example of volume over numbers.

      However, I think Rand spilled the beans about their true intentions when he filibustered over drones then immediately said it was ok to use drones to kill liquor store robbers.