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Ted Nugent and Rand Paul Declare: We’re Anti-Racism, Pro-Civil Rights Heroes!

My Friday column:

When I think of obnoxiously radical pro-gun trolls who delight in killing rare and spectacular animals for fun while routinely popping off with NRA slogans thinner than the bumpers stickers on which they’re printed, the first name that comes to mind is aging rocker and Vietnam draft-dodger Ted Nugent. Of course. When I think of people who have fought against racism and in support of civil rights more than anyone else, the last person I think of is also Ted Nugent.

But Nugent doesn’t see it that way. In fact, he sees it the opposite way.

This week, Nugent declared himself to be “anti-racist.” Yes, anti-racist. No only that, but he’s so anti-racist that we “would be hard pressed… to find someone who has fought racism more than [he has].” He wasn’t joking, either.

Nugent continued by enumerating all of his black friends, specifically his favorite African American musicians. He praised artists like Bo Diddley and Little Richard for, among other things, their “uppityness.” Cue the Price is Right fail horn. He’s clearly unaware of his ignorance, so it’s important to highlight something which the rest of us know to be true: just because you admire African American musicians doesn’t mean you’ve done more than anyone else to fight racism. Realistically, name-dropping does nothing to fight racism.

From there, Nugent continued by noting “black mobs” in Milwaukee, and he emphasized the black-perpetrated rapes, burglaries and murders in Chicago, including, allegedly, 29 black-on-black shooting deaths. (Predictably, Nugent didn’t say a damn thing about his beloved NRA, which is almost exclusively responsible for making it easier to attain firearms in American while fueling the gun culture. But there you go.)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Nugent ended his “anti-racist” rant by suggesting that African Americans should be profiled like, yes, attack dogs. [READ MORE]

  • 1933john

    I remember when George Wallace came out with the same shit.

  • muselet

    I can see the yard signs now:

    PAUL/NUGENT 2016

    The background could be a pickup truck up on cinder blocks.


  • Zen Diesel

    Definitely an epic fail for the Shitter and Fountainhead

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Well, you force me to say it again. Nugent and Paul stand for the two things that drive “conservative”/Republican politics in the Obama era: self-congratulation and resentment.

    These people are not only the heroes of their own private mythology, they demand to be recognized and acknowledged as heroes by the rest of us, and they deeply resent not being recognized and acknowledged as heroes.

    Check out the comment thread on this page; look for a troll called “Anthony Mays.” I actually busted him twice. It’s quite remarkable.

    Seriously, do we really need to go any further than that infamous CPAC seminar from this year, “Are You Sick of Being Called a Racist When You Know You’re Not One?”

    • trgahan

      Very true.

      Back when that inane whinny Kenny Chesney/LL Cool J song was a thing someone commented “Well, what about a homosexual person wearing a pro-gay marriage t-shirt?” My reply was that the pro-gay marriage people understand and accept (and very frequently experience) people offering unsolicited negative opinions about the shirts, the person wearing it, and the issue as whole. The heart of what Chesney (and Paul and Nugent) was whining about wasn’t that he couldn’t wear confederate paraphernalia; it was that EVERYONE wasn’t giving him a standing ovation for doing so.

      Totally the same logic (and largely the same people) who scream “Persecution!” if someone even suggests they be considerate of other religion’s other than the co-opted right wing version of rural evangelical Christianity ca. 1952.

      • Claude Weaver

        Also another difference: The rainbow flag (or any pro-gay symbol or sentiment) was never used as a standard for a group of men who decided their right to hold an entire race of people as nothing more than beasts of burden was more important than the solidarity and progress of their so-called beloved nation.

        These folks want to be proud of being on the rightfully losing side of probably the ugliest period of American history. Anything remotely admirable or positive about the South or Southern history has little to nothing to do with the Confederacy or that flag, but THAT is what they want to use to represent themselves.