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Texas GOP Caught Discriminating Against African American Voters

TPM with the evidence:

In 2011, Texas Republicans put forth a redistricting plan that a federal court in Washington, D.C., concluded was intentionally designed to dilute the strength of African-American and Hispanic votes. Purposeful — not merely incidental — discrimination. As a result, it was blocked under the now-neutered Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. A series of highly revealing emails between Republicans about the redistricting process, which included redrawn maps for state legislative districts as well as congressional districts, were unearthed in the ensuing litigation and proved fatal to their case.

This comes as no surprise, and it’s happening in every red state in one form or another. Now if we can only use the Civil Rights Act to target the… oh wait. Never mind.

  • beulahmo

    Fuck them. We outnumber them. I’m ready to help people in Texas jump through whatever hoops Republicans want to put in place. I’m serious — money, time, effort — I’m pissed and focused and ready to roll. Bring it, motherfuckers. We’re going to coalesce, rise up, and take your asses down.

  • i_a_c

    These are the practices that the Chief Justice ignored when issuing his opinion saying that the VRA covered jurisdictions were out of date.

    • beulahmo

      His opinion was indefensible. Period. This stuff helps make it blatantly obvious.

      • i_a_c

        It was totally divorced from reality and legal jurisprudence. It may be the most activist ruling issued to date by this Court. If Roberts wants to act like a third house of Congress then he should run for office.

    • muselet

      Mr Chief Justice Roberts didn’t ignore those practices. He simply looked at a calendar and decided the remedy to those practices had gone on too long.

      It was a peculiar way to make a legal decision.


      • i_a_c

        He also ignored the bailout provision where you could get out from under the VRA by not discriminating for 10 years. Evidently that’s just a bridge too fucking far for some people.

      • D_C_Wilson

        It wasn’t a legal decision. It was a purely political one.

        A legal decision would be finding that the language of the Act violated the Constitution. He didn’t bother doing that. He just decided that the Act wasn’t needed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/felonious.grammar Felonious Grammar

    We need to take the House and Senate in 2014. I suggest voter drives and doing everything possible to get minority voters and women and the elderly of the left registered ahead of time, properly informed about voting laws in their states, and locations in their town; and then good logistics to get them to the polls and back home.

    Defunding ACORN was not a sufficient blow to keep President Obama from being elected, but the habits of voting in all national elections need to be cultivated, strengthened, and maintained. If I’m alive for the next election, I’ll volunteer. This is a critical issue about our most basic right and responsibility. I give some financial support to representatives who will fight for the right to vote among other issues that concern me.

    In Oregon, we have mail-in ballots. I’d like to see this in every state.

    • beulahmo

      My elderly black friend who lives in east Texas (horribly racist place) said that church pastors in her area have already started stressing to congregations how important it is to vote in every election, and that President Obama can’t advance his agenda without support from Congress. And she said the older folks around her are starting to talk about politics in a way that they hadn’t in the past, and she thinks the same thing is happening all across the rural South. I hope her hunch proves out.