Healthcare Open Thread Racism

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Artist – Steve Sack

I think Krugman got it absolutely right today on Obamacare. It’s the Right’s worst nightmare.

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Health care premiums on the individual market will tumble by at least 50 percent as a result of the Affordable Care Act, the New York Times reported on Wednesday. The state joins Oregon, Montana, California, and Louisiana in reporting lower than expected rates in the law’s new health care marketplaces.

  • trgahan

    The “sin” of Obamacare is that it proves A) government can do something tangibly beneficial for all citizens and B) the much vaunted “free market” was never going to control costs on its own (in fact the whole point of a “free market” is to charge as much as the market will bear that day, never mind if the price is sustainable long term).

    The reality goes against 30+ years of GOP platform and rhetoric. I am sure the “think tanks” are working overtime finding (or most likely making up) antidotal evidence of “Real Americans” dying because of new laws. You know, like those 1,000’s of Canadians and British people dying every day cause of socialized medicine we hear so much about.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    It’s got to tough for conservatives to be on the wrong side of history again as they have many times before.
    And they know it too, because all they have left is to cheat, lie & distort whilst using all types of shenanigans to either nullify or discredit American voters in our elections.

  • BillAndersoot

    Another example of why lying to make your case is a really bad idea. Republicans could have had a hand in writing the law and could have shared in the glory. Instead, they tried to kill the Affordable Care Act by making up ridiculous lies about “death panels” and “government-run health care”. Oh, and they thought they’d ridicule it by calling it “Obamacare”. That Americans may still be calling it Obamacare a hundred years from now is beautiful poetic justice.

    • Christopher Foxx

      A great example of why lying to make your case is a really bad idea.

      Depends on what you really want to achieve.

      But, absolutely, if you have to lie to convince folks to support you, you really should be asking yourself whether what you’re trying to accomplish is really a good thing.

      Of course, it’s a foregone conclusion that anyone willing to lie to make their case isn’t capable of the self-awareness adn empathy that would lead them to ask themselves anything.

      • BillAndersoot

        It’s generally a safe bet that anyone who lies to make their case probably has no case to make. :)

        • Christopher Foxx

          It’s a certainty. That they have to lie is the proof.