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Whoops! Kansas Schools Lose Insurance After Gun Vote

Here’s one the Right Wing probably didn’t see coming.

Kansas schools that are moving to allow teachers to carry guns may quickly find themselves uninsured and insurable. via USA Today

DES MOINES, Iowa — A new Kansas law allowing gun owners to carry weapons in public buildings, including schools, has thrust a major Des Moines-based insurer into the national gun control debate.

The EMC Insurance Cos. insures 85 percent to 90 percent of all Kansas school districts and has refused to renew coverage for schools that permit teachers and custodians to carry concealed firearms on their campuses under the new law, which took effect July 1. It’s not a political decision, but a financial one based on the riskier climate it estimates would be created, the insurer said. [...]

The Kansas Legislature passed the law after the fatal shootings of 20 elementary school children in Newtown, Conn., in December.

According EMC Insurance, any on-site security provided on school grounds “should be provided by uniformed, qualified law enforcement officers.” And while that may seem like common sense to you or I, apparently it isn’t to gun fetishists who, in their delusions of grandeur, see themselves as the next Detective John Kimble.

The free market has spoken. Will gun fetishists denounce the free market for blasphemy against their god, the gun?

  • JozefAL

    “And while that may seem like common sense to you or I, apparently it isn’t to gun fetishists who, in their delusions of grandeur, see themselves as the next Detective John Kimble.”
    But, in reality, are more akin to Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife.
    (Minor grammar nitpick: “common sense to you or ME . . . .”)

  • Bubble Genius

    The problem with GOP legislators is that they don’t actually think things through, you know, cause and effect. I see it happen over and over, they implement laws without debate, so big-picture issues and potential roadblocks don’t come up, and they run into trouble when the laws take effect. This is no way to run a state, never mind a country.

    Take the Voter ID law in Florida, which says the only way you can vote is if you have a state-issued ID or passport, but to get a state-issued ID or passport you need a birth certificate, and the only way you can get a birth certificate is if you have proof of ID, like a state-issued ID or a passport. Actually, perhaps they DID think this one through.

  • muselet

    EMC Insurance Co.:

    “We’ve been writing school business for almost 40 years, and one of the underwriting guidelines we follow for schools is that any on-site armed security should be provided by uniformed, qualified law enforcement officers,” said Mick Lovell, EMC’s vice president for business development. “Our guidelines have not recently changed.”

    One guess who said this today:

    Of course, for most of those 40 years, this was plain common sense with which everyone agreed. Arming Olaf The Janitor never crossed anyone’s mind because the people in town knew Olaf and they wouldn’t trust him with anything deadlier than a mop. But then the state elected an ultramontane Catholic governor, and a legislature full of frustrated talk-radio hosts, and Newtown happened so, naturally, the response would be to allow all the Olafs to come to work packing. What was once lunacy is now an issue, and one that miraculously makes insurance companies sympathetic victims.

    And yes, of course the gun lickers will rail against EMC Insurance and will do their level best to drive the company out of business.


  • Felonious Grammar

    Never mind, I already commented on this one. Nothing more to say but, “pbtht” and “ha ha”.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    But I thought guns were not dangerous. I thought the mere presence of a gun did not significantly increase the risk of harm. How about that.

    • ninjaf

      The bleeding heart, libtard insurance actuaries using Teh Math don’t know what they are talking about!

      Or some such similar nonsense.

  • LeShan Jones

    They didn’t think this through because they apparently dont view guns as deadly weapons who’s only use is for killing.
    They try and hold to their belief that guns are just tools, try and pin them down on what sort of tools and they duck the question.

  • trgahan

    cue conservative media entertainment complex running “Did Obama pressure insurer to drop Kansas schools?” nothing burger story in 3..2…1…

  • Badgerite

    Ironic, since just about every single business out there, without exception, bans firearms of any kind on their property. Especially employee having firearms. The signs went up here right after they changed the laws here.

  • Sean Richardson

    To be fair, all the right wingers I know see this coming. It’s just that they are so convinced of their own naked correctness that they assume that it’s the sort of thing that will be worked out. Rather than assess the situation as “those insurance companies are using mathematics and science to determine coverage,” they write it off as “they’re just being greedy.” That sort of thing.

    • JMAshby

      I thought greed was good.

  • Zen Diesel

    Free Market, excellent….way to go Kansas.

  • Felonious Grammar

    Reality. What a bitch it can be, huh? Why, oh why does reality conspire against ideological dreamers and their continuous nightmare? It’s just too entirely easy to be a martyr. Send them a self-crucification kit on the house.