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Wisconsin Joins the Misogynistic Ultrasound Club; Federal Judge Promptly Blocks the Law

My Tuesday column begins like so:

Let’s review. Yes, if you’re a cellphone user subscribed to one the major carriers, NSA probably collected your metadata in its ongoing effort to find out what terrorists are up to. That is, per a FISA court warrant, NSA might have a list of numbers you dialed, along with numbers that happened to have dialed you and the duration of those calls. No proper names or content of the calls are retained. If you’re not calling terrorists in Yemen or wherever, NSA doesn’t care about your metadata and likely destroyed it.

Likewise, with the cooperation of your email ISP (Google, Yahoo and others), there’s a chance NSA has done the same thing with your emails or Facebook messages. Again, they might’ve attained the “to” and “from” — the metadata. No content was collected, and the metadata was encrypted to hide your name, and unless you’re talking to terrorist targets earmarked for surveillance, your metadata was likely destroyed.

And yet, while a too-large chunk of the leftosphere continues to gather outside the White House with digital torches and Twitter-pitchforks demanding the arrest and prosecution of the president for overseeing the acquisition of infinitesimally less personal data than is collected, analysed and distributed by your credit card company or health insurance provider, the Republican Party continues to pass laws that go far beyond anything the most sinister surveillance hawks could ever come up with.

On Friday, Wisconsin’s tea party governor, Scott Walker, signed the state’s very own anti-abortion law. [READ ON]

  • Badgerite

    If you want to see something bizarre, go to the Uppity Wisconsin website and check out the links to Blue Cheddar and News From The Indian Country. You will see pictures of the ‘guards’ hired by GTAC ( mining company that Scott Walker and the GOP legislature changed Wisconsin Environmental law to enable this company to quickly open a mine in the north woods) in response to some protesting and minor vandalism issues. They are called Bulletproof Securities, out of Arizona, and they are raising concerns about scaring away tourists, not to mention inhabitants. Apparently they also are for hire with respect to ‘border security’ issues so maybe they are concerned about Canadians crossing the border illegally? I don’t know.