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Worst Person in the World

Forever and always, it’s Ted Nugent. Here he accuses President Obama and Eric Holder of being racists:

“We are most offended that the president of the United States and the U.S. attorney general are clearly guilty of racism when they intentionally bring race to the fore when they make public judgments based on the color of someone’s skin instead of the content of their character in total defiance of the findings of the FBI, Department of Justice, entire state’s investigative resources and a jury verdict.”

Media Matters assembled The Worst of Ted, proving why he’s absolutely psychotic (NSFW):

  • mrbrink

    I’ve said this before, my older brother is a professional hunter– bows and rifles. I don’t agree with it at all and he knows it, but we get along very well. He’s an intellectual hunter, so, he’s not one of those dead-eyed, stone-faced, cold-blooded killers(like Rand Paul with a pen), or a howling-mad, horns-on-the-hood, mounted-gun-rack, moonshine-swilling, tobaccy-spitting, knuckle-dragging, overcompensating-penis-waver who bullies and threatens with that special-aged lead-in-the-water blend of racially superior cruelty that is often mistaken for humor in those mentally-sicky circles when they laugh at all, but he knows these people well and I hear stories. He’s a world class Elk caller. Something like, five time U.S. champion. It’s a big deal in the hunting game. Now, my brother has seen some shit on the hunt with plenty of man-savages, and I’ve said this before that when Ted Nugent hired my brother to take him on a private hunting tour about a decade back, my brother parted ways with Ted Nugent mortified and disgusted. Ashamed of himself and said he’d never do that again no matter how much he was paying. Because Nugent was killing everything– and anything that crawled. And it just wasn’t the senseless killing that bothered my brother, it was the innate cruelty and bloodlust. Nugent would say things like, “watch this fucker’s head!” as he shot every living thing in his path.

    It was supposed to be an elk hunt, not a psychotic jaunt through the mind of an animal serial killer. “Kill It All Ted” is the name he gave him. Ted Nugent is a forest terrorist, really, which makes the transition to political activism that much more reprehensible. But for an ethical hunter, which many hunters are, Ted Nugent is a disgrace. That– more than any thing else– should bother him the most. Not politics, not Obama in the White House, not liberals, not me calling him “reprehensible,” not even gun control laws.

    When you disgrace yourself to hunters, as a hunter, there’s nothing more dishonorable this side of shitting on a Bible while fellating a club kid from New York City. And for a guy like Ted Nugent, who lives and swears by the value of hunting and how it’s made him the person he is today, he’s not only a maniacal fraud, but he’s taken the one thing in his life that means more to him, maybe even more than his kids, and brought shame to it in ways that would have him put down like a rabid dog in some of the better communities.

    • blackdaug

      Did your brother mention that when you meet the “the Nuge” in person, the mystery of his gun fetish disappears fairly quickly. He comes across as the perfect embodiment of a word he uses quite often, which is a “punk”.
      Without a gun, say at an event promoting one of his godawful recorded monstrosities, he is fucking Eddie Haskel with long hair and a scraggly beard. Unarmed, he would back down from a fight with the average nursing home patient.
      He is also, by the way, a straight arrow, from the get go. No drugs or alcohol. (A virtual unicorn in the 70’s music biz). I think it was due to his wish that nothing impair or dull his natural psychotic state.
      Which is also why I never trust anyone who has not at some time or another imbibed.

      • mrbrink

        Fucking Ziggy Hitler Stardust.

    • Christopher Foxx

      That– more than anything else– should bother him the most. … he’s taken the one thing in his life that means more to him, maybe even more than his kids, and brought shame to it

      He’d have to have a sense of shame.

      • mrbrink

        Exactly. But he’d take that as a badge of honor. Go figure.

  • http://drangedinaz.wordpress.com/ IrishGrrrl

    I had a woman come to my blog in response to posts about the Zimmerman verdict and she said a lot of the same things as Nugent. It’s hard to believe that people enjoy being so full of hate. I kept at this woman until she told me to “go eff myself”. I laughed and thought, yep, that’s the mentality we’re dealing with. So whether it’s Nugent or some anonymous pathetic loser commenting on our blogs, stupid haters gotta hate.

    • muselet

      Yeah, that one was special, wasn’t she? (And what is it about Righty trolls, especially the ones who regurgitate debunked talking points, using “truth” in their screen names? It’s as if they’ve never heard of Inigo Montoya.)


  • Badgerite

    Well, there he goes again. First off, he says that nothing existed after the 1970s to deter a black person from achieving success. Then, they play some of his comments that clearly demonstrate the barriers that law abiding and accomplished blacks run into all the time. Specifically calling Attorney General Eric Holder the Black Panther Attorney General. Now, when I look at Eric Holder about the last image or wording that pops into my mind is ‘Black Panther’. So, why did it pop into his alleged mind. Well, racism pure and simple. He ascribes a certain characteristic to Eric Holder that he clearly does not have because he ascribes that characteristic to Holder’s RACE. Now, I would not care to be lumped in with someone who acted (waving guns in the air and telling the President and Secretary of State to suck on whatever and basically acting and talking in a threatening manner) as he does simply because I am white. I would have to say that his characterization of Trayvon Martin’s character is ridiculous given what he has clearly and publicly said and done himself on video tape. How is it that he does not look in the mirror and call himself a ‘thug’. Could it be because he is a different color than Martin and that somehow makes it alright. Martin was barely 17 years old. What’s Nugent’s excuse. Is he aware how many white kids smoke pot. What he refers to as ‘dope’. Was he aware that the great Louis Armstrong smoked pot. I hate his music. I hate his face. And, it goes without saying, that I hate everything that comes out of his stupid mouth.

    • Christopher Foxx

      Clearly Nugent exists. But I really don’t get how someone can be so utterly insistent on things that are so blatantly not true. Yes, people paint with broad strokes, and make assumptions and have prejudices and bias. But to the level Nugent displays you have to absolutely disregard reality that is staring you in the face. That level of pure I don’t know what to call it is unfathomable to me.

      How do you live in a world where there are undeniably accomplished black folks yet still manage to utterly believe that all blacks are incapable of any accomplishment?

      It’s like standing in a downpour and not just insisting but actually believing that water never falls from the sky.

  • Hugo S LaVia

    I WANT to watch the clip, but I’ll just take your word for it. It’s like — why would I intentionally watch Rush? Hannity? Dingos eating babies?