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Breaking! Two Relatively Obscure Congressmen Can’t Get Replies to Their Mail! OMFG!

According to Greenwald, Alan Grayson and Morgan Griffith aren’t getting prompt replies to their letters to the House Intelligence Committee! Shocking! Except for the fact that they’re relatively inconsequential congressmen and probably not a high priority. Grayson is an unhinged fire-eater on the left, and Griffith, a Republican, just began his second term without any real association with foreign SIGINT or NSA.

Incidentally, and Grayson aside, is there any wonder why House Republicans are pooping their big boy pants over this? They flip out over everything Obama does. This is no exception.

  • mrbrink


    I’ve been thinking this for weeks, now. It comes up sometimes on lefty talk radio, where they’re like, “they must be hiding something if the gentleman from Tempe can’t get to the bottom of everything at once.”

  • linusbern

    “Unhinged fire-eater”, too true. You gotta laugh at the guy, I mean the way he constantly stands up against big money interests to defend the poor and working class, he’s a complete joke. He should just come in off the fringe, start taking money from healthcare lobbyists, and hedgefund managers, and play the game already.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Alan Grayson is in need of large doses of ritalin.

  • Badgerite

    I couldn’t help but notice something from Greenwald’s article. He has spent that last month at least trying to portray the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court as a ‘rubber stamp’. Certainly that is what you always hear out of the mouths of his supporters. Now in this article he is claiming that a FISC ruling from 2011 that held that some aspects of the NSA program had violated the 4th Amendment are being withheld. So, this would tend to indicate that those who referred to the FISC as a ‘rubber stamp’ for whatever the government wanted were in error. This was one of the main contentions Snowden made. No real safeguards and the FISA court does not provide it as it is a rubber stamp for whatever the government wants. This is one of the biggest problems with this story. One minute Greenwald’s reporting is alleging one thing and the next minute he is reporting something that directly contradicts why he just had to report this story in the first place. So, can we now conclusively dispense with the meme the the oversight of the FISA Court is nonexistent or ‘rubber stamp’?

  • Lady Willpower

    I actually thought Alan Grayson was out of politics.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      He lost Florida’s 8th congressional district in 2010, but won the state’s 9th, which is in Orlando, last November.

  • Unae

    Unhinged fire-eater……too funny.