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Fox Tries To Guard The Henhouse, Priebus Works The Refs


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After RNC Chairman Reince Priebus threatened to lockout whichever media company agrees to show the anticipated Hillary Clinton mini-series, it turns out that Fox Television Studios, the sister company of Fox News, is in the running to produce it.

Seemingly unbeknownst to him, Reince Priebus went on the air today with CNN’s Candy Crowley, who brought up the connection, and to reiterate his position on the matter, Reince was undeterred, saying,

“I don’t know the truth of anything you’re talking about, but I do know what’s very clear is that the company that puts these things on the air to promote Hillary Clinton, including CNN, is the company that is not going to be involved in our debates.”


On a side note, in a pathetic effort to shore up his right wing media flak bona fides, NBC’s Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd has already started his own boycott from within, saying, “this mini-series is a total nightmare for NBC News.” Total nightmare! In other words, Republicans are relentless cranks who are playing the spineless Chuck Todd and the “Liberal media” like dueling banjos.

In the same interview, Reince Priebus told the State of the Union host that she was adopting the Democratic Party’s spin on who would be responsible for a government shutdown over Obamacare, saying,

“Even if you take the position of a Ted Cruz or Mike Lee, what they’re saying is we actually are funding 100% of the government except for that small percentage of discretionary funding to Obamacare.”

Then he tried to find the camera that was transmitting the signals directly into the White House to address the president himself, saying,

So Mr. President, if you want to shut the government down because you want to continue to fund this monstrosity that you’ve admitted is half-broken, then go ahead. The fact that it’s on the Republican Party I think is spin from the Democratic Party that you ought to not be adopting. I don’t know why you’re adopting that spin.”

Crowley reminded Priebus that these things don’t really work out too well for Republicans, to which Reince responded,

“I mean, it’s not like it happens every year,” Priebus replied. “What I am advocating for is to set the record straight: the Republican Party is the party that is totally unified in defunding and delaying and getting rid of Obamacare. It’s the Democrats who are fighting each other over the overall picture of whether we ought to keep Obamacare in place.”

So, Republicans are totally unified behind defunding Obamacare, even if they have to resort to unilaterally shutting down the government to get what they want, which is not at all an abuse of power to authoritarians, but Priebus, in accusing Crowley and CNN of adopting the Democratic party’s spin, wants her and the media to adopt Republican party spin to fill the void– Spin that puts the responsibility of a government shutdown directly on the shoulders of Democrats and President Obama. So much for personal responsibility. Just Blame the victims! 

But here we have a right wing mouthpiece accusing the media of spinning the facts and threatening to lockout whatever media company puts on The Hillary Show. Just a day in the life of an instinctive bully and habitual liar.

I’m sure he’d say the same if the media networks picked up the Citizens United version of Hillary, right?

  • SEPA_Q

    Quite honestly, I don’t see who is going to benefit from this proposed “mini-series”. The RWNJ won’t rest unless the program trashes Ms. Clinton and, if it doesn’t, the pundits will. If the film is at all complimentary, the RWNJs will bitch and moan about it, as they already are doing. And, unfortunately, I believe there will be a lot of more middle-of-the-road people (voters) who won’t actually watch but will hear at least the gist of the blowhards’ complaining. I know that she is a public figure and cannot prevent anyone from making such a film. But, to me, “mini-series” just screams “tacky,” “overwrought,” and “fictional but presented as fact” — none of which enhances the reputation of a potential candidate for the country’s highest office. Just more bread and circuses, designed to draw attention, not educate or enlighten. Feh!

  • blackdaug

    Mrs. Greenspan is also shocked and appalled at the possibility of “Hillary: The Movie”.
    So lets get this straight. If a network other than Fox produces a turgidity of the week about Ms. Clinton, they will not get to air the next clown car of stupid that is the endless Repub debate schedule? Please don’t throw them in that briar patch!
    You mean the ones where the audiences boo serving gay service members, asking questions from war zones? Or the candidates can’t remember which parts of the government they intend to strangle when elected?
    Let us all hope that the fall lineup for the big three, consists mainly of a series of competing Rodham docudramas…….and “Idiot Show” the debates!” are relegated to Fox News or The Home Shopping Network……where they belong.

  • muselet

    I don’t know the truth of anything you’re talking about …

    Deadline had the story on Friday and the LA Dog Trainer had a squib article in yesterday’s dead-trees edition. Is Reince Priebus saying he’s that far behind in his reading? Or that he doesn’t read? Or that he doesn’t read the trades?

    Incidentally, the funniest quote on the subject of the Hillary Clinton miniseries is this one, when Priebus was asked if the GOP would boycott FNC if Fox TV Studios produces the mini:

    The big question for me is what company is putting it on the air, who’s doing the work. I’m not interested in if they are using the same caterer or whether they all drink Diet Coke. I’m not boycotting Diane Lane, I’m going to boycott the companies that put the miniseries and documentaries on the air for the American people to view.

    Because apparently production companies have nothing to do with the programs they produce. (Psst! Hey, Reince. The production company is the one that’s “doing the work.” Dolt.)

    Is there no topic about which Reince Priebus knows less than nothing?

    Also, someone should sit the obvious anagram down and explain to him that this:

    So Mr. President, if you want to shut the government down because you want to continue to fund this monstrosity that you’ve admitted is half-broken, then go ahead.

    does not translate to, “We’re grown-ups who are negotiating with our political opponents.” Instead, it translates to, “We’ll shoot the hostage if our demands are not met.”

    Finally, Chuck Todd is a chowderhead.