Healthcare War On Women

Obamacare is Working

Good news

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, an estimated 27 million women are currently benefiting from Obamacare’s no-cost services — coverage that now includes contraceptive care, HPV vaccinations, mammograms, STD screening, and domestic violence counseling. Some women’s plans may have already covered those things, but many didn’t before the health law required them to do so. Thanks to Obamacare, 41 percent of all workers got an expanded pool of affordable benefits through their employer-sponsored insurance.

This is especially important as state legislatures across the country move to defund clinics such as Planned Parenthood in the name of “women’s safety.”

Obamacare is a lifeline, but not everyone is insured. That too will improve as state health insurance exchanges come online in the coming months and begin offering affordable and subsidized health insurance plans.

  • trgahan

    I won’t happy dance too soon.

    The “pro-life” movement has already tipped its hand that once enough women’s clinics have closed they are coming full force after women’s access to contraception. Also, to them domestic violence doesn’t exist, so why waste government money on that?

  • IrishGrrrl

    I’m glad it’s working and I can’t wait to hear more good news so I can rub it in all those naysayer’s faces. Unfortunately, it hasn’t and probably won’t help me. I’d been searching for healthcare for over 6 months and kept getting turned down. The initial quotes for some really basic coverage was about $360 to $450 a month. Which didn’t matter, because they wouldn’t take me anyway. In anticipation of actually getting coverage through the new exchanges I went to the government website to see how much the plan would cost me. Apparently for the lowest plan (I think they call it Bronze) I’m going to have to shell out $600 a month and I won’t get any subsidies. I make good money still I was going to struggle to pay $360 a month but having to pay almost double makes it impossible. It literally might be cheaper for me to simply pay the fine.

    I’m hoping that the site calculated things incorrectly. Really, really hoping. But I don’t think so. Even so, even if I’m left out….if people’s lives are saved and if fewer families will have to go through the heartbreak of illness and bankruptcy…then it’s worth it. Here’s an example. My nephew, 29 years old, died yesterday. He had a very aggressive form of cancer. He lost his job and his benefits because he had to take so much time off from work (he clerked for a judge on the FL Supreme Court, real nice of the judge to let him go just has his chemo and radiation started, don’t you think? But that’s a different comment…) Now his young wife and 18 month old child are millions of dollars in debt because he’d been in and out of hospitals fighting to live for the last 8 mos. No one should have to go through that. If we keep improving healthcare in this country, no one will have to experience such things.

    • D_C_Wilson


      My deepest sympathies on your family’s loss.

      • IrishGrrrl

        Thank you DC

    • mrbrink

      Rising costs are the result of the right wing war against this law’s implementation– from corporations and dip-shit employers, to the wingnut-controlled states, to the congressional terrorists trying to kill it. Non-wingnut-controlled states should experience better access, affordability, and delivery. A shitty little trick health insurance corporations are pulling right now is that they are grandfathering in higher premiums before the law dramatically kicks in in 2014, but after that they’ve got the hand of the American government up their asses like a puppet. They’ll have to compete with exchanges, justify rate increases, cover preventative care, which will dramatically control costs that were rising anyway, but without regulation and protections against pre-existing conditions, which is estimated that 1 out of 2 Americans have.

      I’m so sorry about your nephew, Irish. I think in no small part, because of you, as a person, a parent, as a fighter, and an activist, the future of healthcare protection in America is better for it.

      • IrishGrrrl

        Thanks Mr. B, I appreciate it.