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Patriotic Peanuts

This cracked me up somethin’ fierce.


Artist – John Darkow

In other news, Nancy Mace announced today that she will challenge Senator Lindsey Graham during the 2014 Republican primary. According to Mace, Graham is not conservative enough. The guy who said we should torture the Boston bombers. The man who wants to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran by the end of the year. Not conservative enough.

Also — you may enjoy this epic George Clooney rant as much as I did. I think it’s safe to say he is not a fan of hedge funds.

  • blackdaug

    Hey Mr. Brink,
    Isnt it about time for another “Fuck You Clueless Media” posts?

    • mrbrink

      They are goddamn incorrigible. Now let’s get out there and get this guy a Congress in 2014, huh? No? Well, how about three hungry ferrets in a bag over the head of ever winning an election again? Okay!

      • blackdaug

        How is this for a leading lede in the story linked:

        “There were more drone strikes in Pakistan last month than any month since January.”

        ……..then eight paragraphs down…

        “There were three drone strikes in Pakistan last month, the most since January, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, which monitors such strikes. At the same time, the number of strikes has declined in each of the last four years, so in that sense Mr. Kerry’s broader characterization of the program was accurate.”

        I guess drone strikes are supposed to follow some sort of set declining formula from month to month, instead of being utilized….when say…. a target is identified.
        ……..and they are apparently increasing all the time!!
        Except they have been going down every year for the past four years.

        Fuck it. Lets just move Boner in to the Oval office right now…..

        • Victor_the_Crab

          Fuck it. Lets just move Boner in to the Oval office right now….. Idiots!

          And hand the Senate over to the GOP, don’t forget. Then, when these tea party assclowns start running rampage over the country and the world, the American public will finally wake up and realise just how awful these… oh who am I kidding, the American public won’t notice what’s going on because they’ll have their faces glued to the latest hot thing in Reality TV.

  • muselet

    That is a brilliant analysis (it’s more than just a rant, let’s face it), and it applies to more than just Daniel Loeb. Or the movie industry.

    Smart guy, Clooney.