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“I am a global warming denier. I don’t deny that.” -Senator Tom Coburn at the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce 8-26-13

Tom Coburn does not deny that he’s a denier. I’m glad we’ve settled that.

Not to be overlooked, during his Monday speech at the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce, Coburn reportedly called for a constitutional convention to impose a balanced budget amendment and said that, “as a man of science,” he believes we’re actually headed for a new ice age.

Science. How does it work?

Coburn also said that he has “made a career out of losing legislatively,” and at least that we can agree on.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Coburn reportedly called for a constitutional convention to impose a
    balanced budget amendment and said that, “as a man of science,” he
    believes we’re actually headed for a new ice age.

    Because if we don’t balance the budget we’ll freeze?

    • cleos_mom

      If he does believe that we’re headed for a new ice age, then right or wrong he does actually believe in climate change, just with different readings, so to speak. That suggests that he’s not objecting to any scientific speculations, just throwing some more substandard meat to the base.

  • Christopher Foxx

    So he’s “a man of science” who believes you should ignore science, and a legislator who believes his great achievement is failing to pass legislation.

    And nobody in the GOP will see anything wrong with that.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    Coburn has made a career out of spreading his butt cheeks apart and talking out of his ass.

  • Norbrook

    MD’s and DO’s are not necessarily (or even usually) “men of science.” They have science classes, but most of their studies is geared towards “fix the patient.” I used to train residents in research (part of their residency requirement), and one of the things that we always had to break them of was a habit of “see what you expected to see.” More simply, it doesn’t matter what you thought the results would be, the result you got are the actual results. If it didn’t match up, then you were wrong.

    Coburn has a political, religious, and a hefty dose of “medical deity” set of beliefs which mean that no matter what the actual data shows, he “knows” it’s wrong.

    • http://www.politicalruminations.com/ nicole

      My son’s girlfriend’s father is a right wing doctor. Same deal, sadly.

  • Jason E

    Maybe he not a denialist afterall? Perhaps he’s simply hoping a little global warming will cancel out this whole “Ice age” deal. Maybe congress should invest in some research?

  • Schneibster

    Meanwhile, what on Earth does he think global warming is, if he’s a “man of science?”

    What an idiot.

    • http://www.facebook.com/felonious.grammar Felonious Grammar

      There are no “men of science” there are sciences.

  • CL Nicholson

    “I don’t believe in using rubbers. AIDS is a conspiracy by the government to kills Blacks. Don’t you know the truth, college boy?” This is literally a statement made by one of the many colorful characters I’ve met in my inner city neighborhoods during the 90’s. He was a corner boy (even though he was in his mid 20’s) who thought himself an ‘intellectual’ because he read a few books on lock down. He also didn’t believe in college degrees either. Yes, this guy literally sounded like the old Damian Wayans character from “In Living Color” – the prisoner who talked with the inflections of Louis Farrakhan but misused large words regularly.

    Colburn’s comment is just a stupid but singularly more terrifying than the fake intellectual drug dealer from my hometown. The wannabe gangster’s biggest threat was to any woman dumb enough to sleep with him without protection. Colburn’s stupidity has a multiplying affect because of his position of power.

    • trgahan

      Another difference is that if Colburn say’s anything less than the current far right GOP platform (e.g. deny climate change, balance budget admendment, liberty!, etc) to the Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce he’ll lose the majority of his campaign contributions and be primary’ed with a vengeance in favor of someone who will.

      If there is anything holding America back from entering the 21st century economically, socially, and politically, it’s the rich white business man’s union known as the Chamber of Commerce.

    • Jason E

      That does sound like “colorful” character. Did he sell good drugs? So you were a college boy and he was corner “boy” considerate of you to interact with such a character. I think there are easier ways to call Coburn an idiot. This tale is full of dog whistles.

      • CL Nicholson

        Hmmm…seeing as I am an AA male speaking of my own life experience in my predominantly Black neighborhood, wouldn’t I just be dog whistling to myself? Kind of a nasty way to blow out your eardrums.

        And no, most people in ‘the game’ aren’t this stupid – I just thought of that particular dude when I saw Colburn’s “Lalalala, I can’t hear you” response to global warming.

        • Jason E

          Sorry if I offended you! I too grew up a predominantly black neighborhood and as a little white boy in the 70s I learned early on that I deplored racism. It didn’t make sense to me because we were all poor, the same. Your story hit too many buttons and my alarm went off. I totally agree with you on the drug dealer/Coburn deal. Banter on!

  • Schneibster

    What’s he, an osteopath?

    • CL Nicholson

      I know osteopaths. Their methods are a little outside of the mainstream, but they’re nothing like this quack.

      • Schneibster

        You know, I’m showing my age. Went and looked it up on Wikipedia, and you know, you’re right. They’ve cleaned it up. It did used to be a bunch of cranks, but now they’ve started making them have full physician training, so anything they’re doing is backed by the medical profession.

        My apologies. I’ll try to remember that. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Bubble Genius

    What a fucking dumb fuck he is.