Voter Suppression

Schlafly: Voter ID is Totally Meant to Help Republicans Win

Phyllis Schlafly confirmed that North Carolina’s voter ID law is intended to help Republicans win elections. Benen reports:

Have you ever heard a political figure accidentally read stage direction, unaware that it’s not supposed to repeated out loud? This is what Schlafly’s published column reminds me of.

For North Carolina Republicans, the state’s new voter-suppression measures are ostensibly legitimate — GOP officials are simply worried about non-existent fraud. The response from Democrats and voting-rights advocates is multi-faceted, but emphasizes that some of these measures, including restrictions on early voting, have nothing whatsoever to do with fraud prevention and everything to do with a partisan agenda.

And then there’s Phyllis Schlafly, writing a piece for publication effectively saying Democrats are entirely right — North Carolina had to dramatically cut early voting because it’s not good for Republicans.

Remember, Schlafly’s piece wasn’t intended as criticism; this is her defense of voter suppression in North Carolina. Proponents of voting rights are arguing, “This is a blatantly partisan scheme intended to rig elections,” to which Schlafly is effectively responding, “I know, isn’t it great?”

h/t Price Benowitz LLP, Medical Malpractice
  • muselet

    Phyllis Schlafly *shudder* really just wrote the informal version of Texas’s defense of its gerrymandered districts: “Sure, we’re out to game elections, but only against Democrats. The fact that the blacks and the browns and the youngs are disproportionately affected isn’t intentional; they’re collateral damage.”


  • theronware

    Phyllis Schlafly is a sociopath.