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Ordinarily, Monday mornings are devoid of laughter, but seeing Glenn Greenwald accuse someone else of sensationalism is the tonic I needed.

As of this time, there may or may not be a drone hovering directly over your head and the president may or may not believe he has the power to kill you without evidence, by the way. And the NSA quite clearly has a direct pipe into your bedroom which they’re using to peep on you, read your sexts, and watch your cat videos before you upload them to Youtube.


Here’s what Reuters published this morning.

Aug 19 (Reuters) – The journalist who first published secrets leaked by fugitive former U.S. intelligence agency contractor Edward Snowden vowed on Monday to publish more documents and said Britain will be “sorry” for detaining his partner for nine hours. [...]

“I will be far more aggressive in my reporting from now. I am going to publish many more documents. I am going to publish things on England too. I have many documents on England’s spy system. I think they will be sorry for what they did,” Greenwald, speaking in Portuguese, told reporters at Rio’s airport where he met Miranda upon his return to Brazil.

“They wanted to intimidate our journalism, to show that they have power and will not remain passive but will attack us more intensely if we continue publishing their secrets,” he said.

What does not seem to be in dispute is the fact that he said he will be “far more aggressive” as a result of his partner’s detainment.

Because everyone knows journalism is about seeking revenge.

  • jaywillie

    That’s just Glenn Greenwald, standing up for Freedom of the Press, which, of course means that Reuters must publish headlines and stories 100% agreeable to Mr. Greenwald.

  • Walter Bithell

    You’ve got the revenge thing covered all by yourself Bob.

  • CygnusX1isaHole

    This is from rabid Obama supporter Andrew Sullivan:

    …When the NSA leaks burst onto the scene, I was skeptical of many of the large claims made by civil libertarians and queasily sympathetic to a program that relied on meta-data alone, as long as it was transparent, had Congressional buy-in, did not accidentally expose innocent civilians to grotesque privacy loss, and was watched by a strong FISA court.

    Since then, I’ve watched the debate closely and almost all the checks I supported have been proven illusory. The spying is vastly more extensive than anyone fully comprehended before; the FISA court has been revealed as toothless and crippled; and many civilians have had their privacy accidentally violated over 3000 times. The president, in defending the indefensible, has damaged himself and his core reputation for honesty and candor. These cumulative revelations have exposed this program as, at a minimum, dangerous to core liberties and vulnerable to rank abuse. I’ve found myself moving further and further to Glenn’s position.

    What has kept me from embracing it entirely has been the absence of any real proof than any deliberate abuse has taken place and arguments that it has helped prevent terror attacks. This may be too forgiving a standard. If a system is ripe for abuse, history tells us the only question is not if such abuse will occur, but when. So it is a strange and awful irony that the Coalition government in Britain has today clinched the case for Glenn.


    • PinkamenaPanic

      Andrew fucking Sullivan? That’s who you’re hitching your wagon to?

      Google “driftglass”, cupcake.

      • CygnusX1isaHole

        I hitch my wagon to no person. Only the facts.

        I copy and pasted Sullivan’s opinion here to illustrate that Cesca’s readers are now nearly alone with their spaghetti logic interpretation of the events of the past two months.

        You guys remind me of the Germans who were so heavily propagandized that they believed they were about to win the war as the allied troops were nearly on top of them.

        It’s not too late. You can throw in the towel today, as Andrew Sullivan has, and admit that your understanding and position of events is entirely wrong.

        Or you can double down on your wrongness every single day until your name is forever mud.

        • PinkamenaPanic

          You’re a lot of bluster and self-righteousness without a damn bit of facts. Be quiet, child, the adults are talking.

  • Eschatologisaurus Rex

    I’d still pay money to hear Greenwald’s rant in pissed-off Portuguese …

  • FlipYrWhig

    Glenn Greenwald does a pretty good impression of V. But I _really_ don’t want to know what he does the rest of the time with the Guy Fawkes mask.

  • blackdaug

    Glenn: Oh well now you went and did it!
    I was being nice before, but now I will really blackmail some sense into you!

  • Mike Huben

    Ah, it’s good to see the high moral standards of this blog, which suggest that there’s nothing to see here when innocents are harassed to pressure enemies. Oh! How dare he publish secrets that protect wrongdoers!

    • JMAshby

      Ha! Innocents.

    • JWheels

      if they were harassing me I would go ahead and believe that they are harassing “innocents”… but last time I checked publicizing classified information and aiding and abetting an international fugitive doesn’t put somebody in the innocent column

    • formerlywhatithink

      1. If Miranda was actually innocent and didn’t know he was shuffling stolen top secret documents between Greenwald and Poitras, then that shines a pretty dim light on Greenwald’s character, in that he would willing use his husband as an involuntary mule.

      Since that’s probably not the case,

      2. If you’re knowingly shuffling stolen top secret documents between your husband and another party, you’re not very innocent.

      I think it was stupid of the UK to use the anti terrorism statute to detain Miranda (I find it hard to believe they couldn’t use another, more apropos law), but claiming an innocent party was harassed is stupid.

      • Mike Huben

        If Miranda had “top secret documents”, they would have arrested him.

        But there you guys go, declaring people are not innocent: there must have been some crime overly broad laws will let you accuse him of. Nice authoritarianism. Keep it classy.

        • formerlywhatithink

          Mr. Miranda was in Berlin to deliver documents related to Mr. Greenwald’s investigation into government surveillance to Ms. Poitras, Mr. Greenwald said. Ms. Poitras, in turn, gave Mr. Miranda different documents to pass to Mr. Greenwald. Those documents, which were stored on encrypted thumb drives, were confiscated by airport security, Mr. Greenwald said. All of the documents came from the trove of materials provided to the two journalists by Mr. Snowden.

        • nathkatun7

          You know fully well that he had. His lover said so. The airport security confiscated them. I am sure after interrogation, Miranda may have convinced the interrogators that he was duped by his lover.

        • Badgerite

          Look, we are just tired as hell of the every god damned day drama with this guy. Report the story and be done with it. This is like reading a serial novel and it isn’t even a very good book. You know there will be a next chapter and it will be total bunk. With this guy, it always is. Personally, I found this ‘Keyser Soze’ bullshit just repulsive. These are serious issues and the US has serious enemies. And this guy is playing stupid, coy games. I, personally, would not be surprised at all if Greenwald just sent his partner where he did precisely to get caught so he could have a new installment of outrage fodder. This isn’t journalism. It is propaganda.

        • DetroitSam

          You are not very smart, are you?

      • FlipYrWhig

        As far as I can tell, Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act offers the broadest legal authorization for detaining people at ports and airports, whether or not the reason they were detained has anything to do with terrorism. If you’re getting searched at an airport in the UK, randomly or for cause, it’s happening under Schedule 7, legally speaking. Then again, I am not a lawyer.

      • nathkatun7

        I am sorry, but do not fault the UK for using the antiterrorism statute. I truly think Greenwald, Snowden, Poitras, and now Greenwald’s lover, Miranda, are all aiding and abetting terrorists.

    • nathkatun7

      Oh pity the ‘innocents” who issue threats, under the pretense of being journalists, to damage the National Security of U.S. and U.K.. As far as I am concerned, Greenwald’s repeated threats should disqualify him from being regarded as a journalist. Right now he is a propagandists for those intending to do harm to the United States. His sole intention is to harm the United States while enjoying himself in Rio.

  • intoxination

    This story has always been about Glenn and his ego.

  • Richard_thunderbay

    Please proceed, Mr. Greenwald.

  • trgahan

    “they wanted to intimidate our journalism, to show that they have power…”

    Or…like an international drug dealer, they sent a mule with product through knowing that person would be caught. They made sure that person was high-profile/yet low information enough to make the news, but ultimately be released. Since all files are electronic, it is not like anything was lost and their waning cause got a much needed “YOU SEE! They are evil and after us! Everything we tell you is true!” story for the cause.

    If the “evil” first world governments can conspire so perfectly, what’ is stopping a cabal of megalomaniac narcissists bent of proving they are both above the law and can make those they don’t like kneel before them? Wild accusation can cut both ways.

    • js hooper

      EXACTLY…the more I’ve thought about it…the more it seems like this entire thing was a set up by Greenwald’s camp.

      I mean the fuckin Guardian paid for Miranda’s trip. WTF is that shit.

  • Kennet

    It seems to me that Greenwald has been so terrible at playing Anonymous that he has officially become a Hacktivist, in the dull, uninteresting, & derivative sense of the word ‘hack.’

  • Badgerite

    That’s our Glenny!

  • RenoRick

    This is not journalism; this is someone with a chip on his shoulder. I used to read GG back in 2005, but the endless updates to his posts became tiring. He seems to have a problem with waiting for all teh facts to come in before putting pen to paper…