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Ted Cruz Is Psychotic

Oh, the face of defeat really does have a pretty mouth sometimes.

In an interview today on CNN‘s State Of The Union with slumlord/host Candy Crowley, Senator Ted Cruz(R-TX), Mr. Defund Obamacare Or Else Great Harm Will Come To You! told America that he intends to actually assist his misguided, healthcare-seeking constituents in signing up for the federal healthcare insurance exchange, set to begin open enrollment October 1st. So, by the state of Texas’s actions in publicly refusing expansion of Medicaid, as called for in the Affordable Care Act, on the grounds that the government has no business in their healthcare business– It appears that Texas, in particular, is secretly leaving pies on Sheriff Bart’s windowsill to help manage their twisted, states’ rights affairs.

Fooling all of the people all of the time can become a grind, but this is the problem with only reading headlines. On paper, Ted Cruz sounds like he’s concerned and will do anything he can to help people, saying,

“I am honored to represent 26 million Texans,” he said, “and dealing with the government is inherently frustrating, it’s inherently confusing and one of the things our office takes very seriously is trying to help Americans deal with the government.”

Oh, sure. He’s a helper on paper, maybe in bipartisan headlines, maybe even a traitor in some parts, but if you go to the tape, all of that reliable GOP fake sincerity and concern trolling is bolstered by Ted Cruz’s visibly uncomfortable body language, bordering on polite hostility. And, with that polished sheen of Southern-transplant condescension enjoyed by millions of compassionate conservative sociopaths everywhere, Obamacare is saved!

If the word empathy has any life left in it, Ted Cruz is now pissing arsenic into it’s ocular cavity. They’ve basically turned the idea of empathy and compassion into a dog whistle, or selling point, for those who refuse to believe that the GOP is actually this psychotic.

Click here to view the embedded video.

According to the Census Bureau, which Republicans hate, “almost one in four Texans, or 6 million residents, are uninsured– the highest rate in the nation.”

And Republicans have done everything to align “Obamacare” with some nefarious plot to overthrow their white culture and heritage of getting kicked off, priced out, and left for dead over health insurance.

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll from March shows how effective the GOP is in messaging and in rallying five billionaires to rally 60 million rubes to buy and sell the right wing propaganda like the dumbest pyramid scheme in history.


It shows that most Americans, by far, really like the provisions of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but they’re skeptical of this exotic idea called, “Obamacare.”

Wonder who continues to be responsible for that?

  • http://www.osborneink.com OsborneInk
    • Victor_the_Crab

      I always thought he looked like a nasty, middle aged Jughead Jones.

    • http://www.facebook.com/felonious.grammar Felonious Grammar

      This deserves a “hi ya’ fuckface.”

    • muselet

      Great. Now I’m going to have nightmares.


  • Kitty Smith

    If the word empathy has any life left in it, Ted Cruz is now pissing arsenic into it’s ocular cavity.

    Well, that’s a lovely mental image. Please don’t use it again.

  • muselet

    I don’t know about psychotic, but Ted Cruz is delusional:

    CROWLEY: The president is never going to sign a bill that defunds Obamacare.

    CRUZ: You know, you may be convinced of that.

    CROWLEY: You’re not convinced of that?

    CRUZ: I am not at all convinced of that.

    CROWLEY (OVER): This is his signature—this is what they consider his signature achievement, so far, of his administration in its fifth year.

    CRUZ: Here’s what I think should happen. The House of Representatives should pass a continuing resolution that funds the federal government in its entirety, every aspect of the federal government except Obamacare. And it should explicitly prohibit any funding for Obamacare, mandatory or discretionary, and I’ve filed legislative language in the Senate to do that.

    Cruz seems to think (a) the Senate will go along with this notion of his and (b) President Obama will sign it. Step (a) is very unlikely to happen and step (b) is slightly less likely than gravity suddenly reversing itself.

    Now, in fairness, HuffPo only had a 36-second clip, so Cruz may have explained how those two highly-unlikely things might come to pass. If so, I’m sorry Sideboob Central didn’t post a longer clip, as I am a fan of surreal humor.

    Also, too, Kentucky is being really sneaky about its insurance exchanges, never mentioning anything but the wonderfulness of Kentucky’s home-grown, nothing-to-do-with-Obamacare “kynect”.


  • Vic78

    What’s really going to suck is campaign season. They voted to repeal getting rid of the state exchanges how many times? What was it McConnell said about the people that didn’t have healthcare? If you’re ruthless, you can unseat a bunch of idiot congresspeople in the coming years.

  • nathkatun7

    Another excellent post, Mr. Brinkk. It’s very obvious to me that the main reason Republicans are against the ACA (Obama Care) is because they know that if it’s implemented fully people will come to love and appreciate it the way seniors love and appreciate Medicare. If that were to happen, Republicans can kiss goodbye their #1 agenda of making sure that President Obama’s legacy is tarnished. The success of Obama care, plus the changing demographics, may also mean that Republicans would have a tough time regaining the presidency and may even end up losing congress if they continue to base their policies on the teabag agenda.

    • Schneibster

      This is the hope of us all. +5 if I could give it.