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The Daily Banter Mail Bag: The War in Syria, Co-Opting Black Culture and Affleck as the Next Batman!

This week’s questions. Answers here.

1) What do you think about Syria? I’m terrified about getting involved in another war of any kind but my roommate says Al-Assad is out of control and has to be stopped no matter what.
– Freddie

2) It’s been a big week for white people appropriating black culture. Between Miley Cyrus pretending to be black to sell her shitty new record to conservative politicians pretending to embrace Martin Luther King (and even lecture the African-Americans of today about how MLK would’ve wanted them to behave) the show of privilege is impressive. Thoughts?
– Sally

3) Ben Affleck in Batman: awful idea or godawful idea?
– Steve

  • tangles

    1) I don’t know either. Has Matt Damon weighed in?