Town Hall Season

It’s the August recess and that means it’s Town Hall Season. And this is what happens when a Republican representative, in this case Rep. Robert Pittenger (R-NC), descends upon the village and tells the villagers that he is not going to vote for Senator Mike Lee’s Obamacare Hostage Act.

Note: This video was edited by a Tea Party group, not a liberal group, to make it more ominous.

The key exchange:

Pittenger: Do you think Harry Reid is going to pass that in the Senate?

Village Rube: It doesn’t matter.

Yeah. It doesn’t matter. Fuck actually governing. Yeehaw! We should primary Robert Pittenger the next time he’s up for reelection. We don’t need more RINOs, right? We need someone who will stand up for “conservative values,” as the lady in the video said, by holding the entire federal government hostage.

Those two things — conservative values and hostage taking — are more or less synonymous at this point.

  • Christopher Foxx

    Bravo for him. I’d like to have seen him a bit more forceful with calling the male questioner’s incorrect “That’s a fact” with “It has to pass the Senate and be signed by the President. And THAT is a fact.

    I guess it really is too much to ask that he try to educate these folks. It was a prime chance to point out that they’re wasting there efforts demanding something that just isn’t going to happen, and would be better served if they looked for leaders who actually tried to get things done rather than wasted time purposefully accomplishing nothing.

  • Dennis Collins

    The tea party needs to amend their motto: Don’t Tread on Me, I Don’t Know anything”
    Perhaps they need a spokes representation eg; Flo or Ronald McDonald or the Gekko. My suggestion for the perfect representative is Sergeant Schultz, he embodies the party to a tea (pun intended).

    • IrishGrrrl

      Their logo should be a triptych….Sergeant Schulz with his hands over his eyes and another with his hands over his ears but the third should be Colonel Klink with his mouth open, spewing hate.

      • Dennis Collins

        You are so right, hate and non sequiturs. The sign of the tp lemmings.

  • trgahan

    “Village Rube: It Doesn’t Matter.”

    Translation: All we want is SOMTHING that make our little loud minority seem relevant and powerful. If that means we hold government hostage even to the determent of our own self interests, so be it!

  • muselet

    Given the tone of the questions, Robert Pittenger is lucky he got out of that room with his skin intact.