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Worst Person in the World


This asshole.

California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R) says he intends to pull his 13-year-old son out of public school after California passed a law last week allowing trans students to use the restroom and locker room that matches the gender with which they identify, the Associated Press reported Monday. [...]

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signed the bill into law Monday, which also allows students to choose whether they want to play boys’ or girls’ sports. The legislation makes California the first state to enact legal protections for transgender K-12 students.

Congratulations kid, your father is a lunatic bigot who is embarrassing you and your entire family.

If America is lucky, he and others in his position will not follow in their fathers’ footsteps.

  • crystalballs

    Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R) represents Needles, CA. ‘Nuff said.

  • muselet

    Ah, Tim Donnelly. Such a charming fellow.

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that he’d throw a tantrum over this, or that he’d use his kid to make a cheap political point, or that he’d use WorldNetDaily as his forum to announce his tantrum.

    “Lunatic bigot” doesn’t even begin to describe him. Alas, his constituents will wildly cheer this stunt.


    • BillAndersoot

      I’m sure this won’t be the first tantrum thrown. I read this to my wife and she said, “Are they insane? Every horny boy in California is going to claim they’re transgender just to get into the girl’s locker room.”

      Something tells me this one’s going to the Supreme Court.

      • muselet

        Yeah, no. There are easier and—given the hell actual LGBT kids go through every day, mostly at the hands of would-be alpha males—safer ways to get an eyeful. Plus, I can guarantee any horny hetero boy who tried to pull off something like that—ironically, the only ones who would dare to try are those would-be alpha males—would get curb-stomped if he spent his time in the Ladies’ ogling the other occupants.

        “Gosh, Principal Smith, I don’t know what happened. He must have slipped on a wet spot on the floor. Six or eight times. Funny how he seems to have hit his head and his balls every time, too.”

        Internet porn is less potentially hazardous.

        You’re right about this going through the courts, though, because we have our share of bigots and frothing lunatics here in California. There are still die-hards fighting for Proposition 8, after all.


        • BillAndersoot

          Oh, come on. The sport will have an official name within a few weeks. I wonder if anyone’s registered “” yet? Probably worth big bucks.

  • Kavonde

    Er… I admit I haven’t looked into this law, but as it was explained to me by my mother, a teacher, the big complication with it is that it allows girls and boys to use the same restrooms. She’s taught Kindergarten and Pre-K in California for a long time, and she can’t see anything but lawsuits and emotional scarring coming from that at younger grades, to say nothing of higher ones.

    Now, if she was just confused by the “gender the child identifies” as part, then never mind; I can see there being issues, but not really at lower grades. I’m hoping that’s the case. Regardless, the assemblyman’s freakout may have more to do with concern over shared bathrooms than with bigotry, if those who have informed him about the law are as confused as my Mom and her colleagues.

    • Al Iriberri

      I doubt kids would “freak out” over bathroom use unless they were taught to do so, especially in the younger grades. Emotional scarring and lawsuits for kids going to the potty and that almost certainly in a stall? Really?

      • Kavonde

        Not from the “oh, there’s a girl/boy in here, eww” stuff. From the “peeing all over the walls and on eachother because there isn’t an adult here to watch us” stuff.

        Little kids are gross, man.

        • Kavonde

          Mind you, I’m specifically talking about VERY young kids here: Pre-K, Kindergarten, maybe First Grade. And it’s not like school restrooms are nonstop urine baths or anything like that. But occasionally a kid with problems at home will act out and will make the restroom his medium of personal expression, and the minute someone’s little girl got caught in that mess, it would be lawsuit city.

          That said, it’s entirely moot. The law only covers transgendered students, and I (hope) a reasonable case can be made that children that young can’t yet reliably establish a gender identity beyond the one assigned to them by their parents and society… though I could see that Going to the Supreme Court, too.

          Personally, I feel that granting transgendered students more rights and public acceptance is an unequivocal Good Thing. I just wish the legislators had thought the law’s wording through, to avoid these misunderstandings and hand-wringings.