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Apparently it took a serial rapist to convince the Norfolk Police Department that classifying rape allegations as invalid by default is a very bad idea.

According to the Virginian-Pilot, a 22-year-old woman’s case prompted Norfolk police chief Mike Goldsmith to update the policy so that officers must now assume rape victims are telling the truth.

The woman reported the attack immediately to police, only to be told, “If we find out that you’re lying, this will be a felony charge.” Before giving her a medical examination, officers subjected the woman to interrogations during which they said things like, “You’re telling us a different story than you told … the other detectives,” and “This only happened hours ago. Why can’t you remember?” Having had enough, the woman cut off the interview.

The police eventually arrested and charged the attacker for multiple other sexual assaults and felonies, and Goldsmith apologized for mishandling the woman’s initial allegations.

Unfortunately, the Norfolk Police Department is not alone today as the University of Southern California stands accused of mislabeling sexual assaults to keep their statistics lower.

Mostov joined with several other USC students in filing a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education against the university over the weekend, alleging violations of the Clery Act, a federal law mandating accurate and timely reporting of crime on campus, including sexual violence. Mostov said she believes her case shows USC’s routine failures in responding to sexual assaults and reporting the crimes.

USC is “persistently underreporting sexual battery, sexual assault, and rape in the Annual Clery Security Report by … categorizing instances of ‘rape’ as ‘personal injury,’ ‘domestic dispute,’ and other less serious crimes or non-crimes,” the complaint says.

And according to congressman Steve King, this pristine, non-violent civilization of ours will be spoiled if we allow immigrants into the country.

  • IrishGrrrl

    Universities have been guilty of under-reporting violent crime on campus, particularly rape, for decades. Periodically the get called on it and they start to report more accurately until no one is paying attention and then they go right back to under-reporting again.

    As for Cons’ beliefs in regards to our “non-violent civilization”, I think you have it wrong there. They don’t believe we have a non-violent country….they believe that the violence is always caused by “brown people”. I had a woman comment on my site last week who actually believes that in 2011 no black women had been raped by white men. All the rapes, in her teeny tiny little brain, were by black men. And no amount of factual data that I presented to her would change her mind.

  • Felonious Grammar

    Holder and the FBI are working on the problems of laws, law enforcement and the investigation and prosecution of rape and sexual assault. If enough liberals are elected to the House and Senate next year, there might be a whole new level of justice in our justice system, including reproductive freedom and the equal protection under the law that requires that rape and sexual assault be treated like a violent crime that is committed by criminals who threaten public safety and violate the rights of other citizens.

    If the right Supreme Court Justice met his maker, then we might get some lasting change.

  • muselet

    According to the Virginian-Pilot, a 22-year-old woman’s case prompted Norfolk police chief Mike Goldsmith to update the policy so that officers must now assume rape victims are telling the truth.

    Does Mike Goldsmith even know any women?


  • markdouglas

    Great article — Im sure police see lots of things and get jaded.

    As far as King, I wish DB would do an expose of King’s goofy support of fraud Fairtax. IT’s gone under radar too long, few reporters know it’s literally a fraud.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Downplaying or dismissing incidents of sexual assault is a pretty widespread practice among colleges. Reputation is everything. Of course, one of the worst offenders was my alma mater. At least the former president is now facing charges in the coverup of child rape. If only we could dig up JoePa and try him, too.