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A Deal to Prevent a War in Syria Reveals Obama as JFK, Not GWB

My Tuesday column:

For the last couple of weeks, President Obama has been running a two-tiered strategy: on one hand, scaring the holy bejeezus out of Assad and Putin, while simultaneously offering enough time for both parties to save face as they contemplate how to wiggle out of this mess.

It was only on Monday when it occurred to me that the most appropriate historical precedent wasn’t Iraq (of course) or Libya, but the quarantine line around Cuba in October, 1962. I’ll come back to this presently.

Of course the truth about how the Obama administration’s national security team has handled the Syrian chemical weapons crisis was almost entirely obscured in the press when it was reported that Russian president Vladimir Putin, via his foreign minister Sergey Larov, had, at least on paper, convinced Bashar al-Assad to permit the dismantling and seizing of his military’s chemical weapons arsenal. In keeping with nearly every accomplishment of this president, whether center-right or center-left, liberal or conservative, the news was treated as somehow a defeat for the administration — that Pooty-Poot had reared his head into the airspace over Syria and fulfilled the conservative fantasy of Putin The Peacemaker, not to mention Putin The Obama Disser.

This scenario entirely overlooked two things: 1) the Friday G20 meeting between Putin and the president, and 2) Secretary Kerry’s remarks on Sunday, which offered Syria a way out… [CONTINUE READING]

  • Treading_Water

    They are just desperate to find a narrative that gives the President no credit whatsoever for any successes and every bit of blame possible for any failures. These guys won’t even support policies that they devised, if President Obama in any way indicates his own support.

  • Zen Diesel

    Putin is the New Black for the Right Wing.

  • exoevolution

    Reason not madness.
    Peace not war.
    Generosity not greed.
    Love not hate.
    Spirit not ego.
    Courage not fear.
    Oneness not division.
    We not me.
    Healing not sickness.
    Truth not lies.
    Yes not no.
    Empathy not hatred.
    Light not darkness.

    Awake and arise, a new world awaits.