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This may be the best cartoon ever if you’re someone who, like me, can’t stand libertarian-curious Tech Bros.


Artist – Jen Sorensen

Here’s something you may not think of as you observe the record flooding in Colorado — the mixture of fracking fluid, oil, and gas that’s now floating around in it.


Oil drums, tanks and other industrial debris mixed into the swollen river flowing northeast. County officials did not give locations of where the pipeline broke and where other pipelines were compromised. [...]

One pipeline has broken and is leaking, Weld County Emergency Manager Roy Rudisill. Other industry pipelines are sagging as saturated sediment erodes around the expanding river.

  • JoyP

    Is Weld County one of the counties that wants to secede from Colorado? If so, interesting to see if they accept government aid to reconstruct their infrastruction and cleanup.

  • Schneibster

    As far as the broken pipelines, yes, precisely, this was the problem with Keystone XL. I absolutely hated the emoprogs who tried to make it about global warming. Screw global warming, we gotta eat, and they want to route the thing over the Ogallala Aquifer! The first bad northern floods, bingo it’s over, and when that heavy crap gets into the Ogallala there ain’t no cleanin’ it out ever. They spilled some of that crap up on the Saginaw, IIRC, and they still haven’t been able to clean it up after 2+ years. Normal for an oil spill is like a few months and no big deal because it floats away, and a lot of it evaporates. This stuff is different and they don’t know how to clean it up.

    But Bog forbid they have to actually have a separate real usable plan to deal with it if it breaks open; they just get insurance and move on. And this isn’t just some greedy oil company; it’s Canada for Bog’s sake!

  • Schneibster

    That was what absolutely drove me crazy about Adria Richards.

    You saw that “condew” dipshit who came on here. Can you imagine whining about the fact two brogrammers were making sex jokes behind her and she got pissed and tweeted their pictures?

    And can you imagine sending her death threats afterward? “Condew” as much as admitted at one point that he sent one to her! And Josh thinks this is the kind of person he wants on his site instead of me! Josh is being Libertarian over free speech, is what the problem is, and blew his stack because I called his writers on it.

  • MrDHalen

    Speaking of how crazy weather & oil don’t mix, does the Keystone pipeline’s proposed path run right through tornado alley?

    • JMAshby
      • Schneibster

        Worth mentioning that although the label only points to the southern portion in Texas, the aquifer is the entire light-blue area extending up through the OK panhandle, KS, and NE, all the way up into southern SD. Not only that but note that the Missouri R. crosses the existing pipeline just north of the corner of the aquifer; a spill from flooding on that river already threatens the aquifer west of Omaha.

        If the Ogallala is polluted the main corn and wheat growing regions of the breadbasket of the US will have no water but seasonal precipitation. This could reduce their yield by up to 2/3.

        This could threaten the lives of a billion people. No joke whatsoever.

    • Schneibster

      I hate to say it but if Oklahoma gets polluted by heavy tar sands oil and can’t ever be cleaned up it’s no more than they deserve for electing Inhofe. Bring on the tornadoes. Kidding but not much.