Bush Doctrine

Is Stand Your Ground law just a stepping stone to the Bush Doctrine?

Lawyers defending William T. Woodward seem to think so.

In his defense, his lawyer is not only making a novel legal argument that Florida’s Stand Your Ground law applies, saying he was protecting himself against “imminent death” because of an ongoing dispute between him and the men he shot. He also invoked the “Bush Doctrine,” the foreign policy Bush used to justify aggressive military intervention, to argue that pre-emptive attack can be a form of self-defense, Florida Today reports.

I want to say there’s no way this will pass muster in court, but I just can’t say that without an overwhelming sense of doubt hanging over me. It is Florida. And this is America. Anything is possible.

I’d watch this one closely.

  • Jay Louis

    Evil will always triumph over good because good is dumb. — The Brooks Doctrine

  • Felonious Grammar

    Lying and murdering. Is Zimmerman a precedent? Trash the victim enough and it’s o.k. to kill. Rely on the bias of the status quo. Works for rapists, why not murderers? White men* gotta do something to get a leg up, right?

    * present company excluded, of course

  • mrbrink

    “It’s coming right for us!”

    The South Park Doctrine.

    It’s kind of like the Bush Doctrine and Stand Your Ground, but with way fewer cartoon characters.