Cut Food Stamps, It’s What Jesus Would Do

This is where we’re at.

Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) on Friday responded to a constituent opposed to drastically cutting food stamps for the young, elderly and poor by citing a Biblical quote: “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.” [...]

A constituent, Kevin R Tengesdal, took to Cramer’s Facebook page to express his apparent displeasure by quoting some Biblical passages.

Cramer subsequently responded by citing a different passage from the Bible, one more favorable to his position on federally funded nutrition assistance.

“Let them eat cake” was apparently too socialist in its innuendo. “Let them not eat” will do.

Or as Chez said the other day — Poor? Fuck You.

  • LTanya Spearman

    This isn’t new, they been doing this since Pres. Obama been in office.. They plotted from the beginning to take Obama down (anyway necessary).. Thus enter the hillbillies, psychotic, big money and Boehner & McConnell thought they could handle them. They brow beat the real journalist or fired them and replace them with the dead brain media who interest is rating and prime -times slot or writing a book. NO? Let’s tally this up:
    election 2012 — wrong
    Benghazi — wrong
    IRS — wrong
    NSA — wrong
    Libya — wrong
    Syria — wrong
    ACA SC decision — wrong
    And we the people let them bamboozle us, with talk of Obama & dems. wasn’t fixing the economy fast enough, LBGT community wasn’t happy they wanted their rights as of 1993, He didn’t close Gitmo, et., So everyone set out 2010..
    Now the hillbillies took Boehner ballz & McConnell spine, Fox News is the center point that every political news org. take their cue..
    Question is, are the same people who voted for Obama going to sit back & let them keep sh@# on you ? GOTV 2014 ?!?!

  • Richard_thunderbay

    This fucker borrowed the Thessalonians quote from Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-TN) who used it back in May. Fincher is also happens to be a farm subsidy parasite who has received $3,483,824 over the last decade.

  • hanadora444

    So many people don’t seem to realize (or don’t want to admit) that a good many food stamp recipients DO work. Hard. A lot harder than the endlessly-on-vacation do-nothings is Congress. But wages are so low that they still need food stamps to get by. Republicans should be in favor of increasing the minimum wage so the government doesn’t have to subsidize the Walton family et al to help them feed their employees.

  • feloniousgrammar

    Haven’t been able to find the “quote” by Jesus that says that many will call him but he will not hear them for when he was stranger…

    but I did find something that always cracks me up

    “The one who had received $19,620.00 took the money and invested it into business deals. He doubled the money to $39,240.00. Likewise, the one who received $7848.00 doubled it to $15,696.00. However, the one who received $3924.00 went away and dug a hole in the ground where he hid his master’s money.

    God forbid anyone not know the current dollar value of silver coins a master lends his slaves in a parable. Personally, I think a slave who is handed $19,620.00 should skip town.

  • 1933john

    Their goal is to save shipping costs to/from China.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.”

    That would be despicable pigfucking Republican congressmen like Kevin Cramer big time.

    • muselet

      Now, now. You don’t know Kevin Cramer’s taste in livestock. :^)


  • BlueTrooth

    Thessalonians huh? Well, the interpretation most often applied is that it is wrong to be a “busy body”, in effect “pretending” to be doing works while actually accomplishing, achieving, influencing or producing “nothing”. I’d find the GOP Congress more in line with those that shall not eat.

  • nicole

    Fucking sociopaths is what they are.

    I have a suggestion. The federal gov. could stop “redistributing the weatth” from the blue states to the red states. Make the conservatives pay their own way for a change.Think this congress would agree to that?

    Hardly. When they are the beneficiaries, as opposed to poor people (and really, they would probably happily round up all poor people and gas them), they have ZERO problem accepting “handouts”.

    • drspittle

      I called my Repugnentcan Congress entitiy’s office yesterday and asked the nice young man who answered the phone 2 questions: 1) Does Congressman Vampire use his federally funded health plan? Why should I pay for his health plan when he wants to deny me an opportunity for federall subsidized health care so I can get affordable insurance? 2) Does Congressman Zombie know that 1 out of 5 veterans are on SNAP (I figured he wouldn’t care about women and children so I focused on veterans)? I got no answer. I then said, “Republicans are mean and heartless”. The nice young man said he’d communicate my concerns to the Congress Vampire. I said since I was neither rich nor Republican my thoughts would not matter. I then politely thanked him for llistening to me (I was really courteous and polite, as was he). But it’s not Chuck Todd’s job to report on the impact these cuts have on real people. The tone of all reports I’ve heard (including NPR) is “business as usual nothing to see move along”. Who was the rapper who sang, “Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge”? I am exploding in impotent rage and I need to find a way to do something.

      • nicole

        ha! Love that you gave your congressman’s office an earful. :)

        >>>Who was the rapper who sang, “Don’t push me cause I’m close to the
        edge”? I am exploding in impotent rage and I need to find a way to do

        I don’t know who the rapper was, but you and me both on the impotent rage.

      • muselet

        The internet says that was Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, “The Message” (1982).

        I’m lucky. Unlike you and Nicole, I live in a (reasonably) safe D district. I don’t agree with Linda Sánchez on everything, but where we disagree I can live with her judgment. If I lived in a reliably R district, I’d be right there with you on the impotent rage front.


        • drspittle

          Thanks! I was too lazy to google it myself, duh. I’d be happy to download some virtual outrage for you anytime! I’d hate for all of us Repug constituents to have all the fun.

          • muselet

            Gee, thanks (I think).

            Also, too, I’m with Nicole: good on ya for letting your Congresscritter know your opinion. All too few of us bother to do that.


          • drspittle

            Thanks. I need to do alot more speaking up. And become alot more engaged somehow. The crap they’ve been pulling since at least 1968 is just evil.

  • joseph2004

    What are the details of the Republican proposal (Cramer’s take aside)? Anything in there about the states taking responsibility for much of the money the federal government would no longer be contributing? Anything in there about improving the accountability of the system by giving the states (with less money to willfully squander) the responsibility of meeting the needs of their constituents? Might mean that, unlike many of the 50 or so federal assistance programs, the states might actually apply and enforce criteria to better determine who is genuinely in need and who is not.
    Yeah I know I know, couldn’t be anything like that.

    • dbtheonly

      First off, I seem to recall from Sunday School, that Jesus actually fed a bunch of people on a couple of occasions & didn’t ask for any financial contribution.


      You have it exactly. “giving the states (with less money…) the responsibility of meeting the needs of their constituents”.

  • zirgar

    Republicans love selectively quoting Bible passages to support their ugly politics, perhaps someone should show them Ezekiel 16:48-50, where it’s stated that the reason Sodom was destroyed was due to its haughtiness and arrogance, it was overfed and unconcerned about the poor and needy. Jesus spoke about love more than any other subject, but a close second to that was helping the poor and needy. The GOP is the party of Jesus the way Hustler is a feminist magazine.

    • The Panic Man

      They’d ignore it – in the Right-Wing Rambo Jesus Bible, Sodom was destroyed ‘cuz o’ TEH GAY QUEEROSEXUALS.

  • muselet

    From a letter referenced in today’s LA Dog Trainer:

    The GOP has truly hit a new low. After increasing annual defense spending by more than $300 billion since 2001, spending $2 trillion on unnecessary wars and passing $1.7 trillion in tax cuts between 2001 and 2003 that primarily went to the wealthiest Americans, Republicans need to save $40 billion on food stamps.

    Slashing nutrition assistance is pointless cruelty and economic insanity. And that Bible verse so many Righties have decided to quote doesn’t mean what they think it does, so add bad theology to the list.

    In my weaker moments, I actually hope the likes of Kevin Cramer starve.


  • DHaradaStone

    You know who also said that? Vladimir Lenin.

  • vgranucci

    Cramer apparently doesn’t know that the usual interpretation of 2 Thessalonians 3:10 is that St. Paul was dealing with a situation in Thessalonia where some members, believing the 2nd Coming was imminent, were refusing to work, relying on the community for support.

    • missliberties

      If they thought the world was going to end at any moment that certainly makes sense. Why go to work on your last day on earth!

      From my limited knowledge of the bible history, fear mongers and propghandists have been with us through out history. BTW, didn’t Paul rewrite the history of Jesus, like four hundred years after he died, in an effort to create a more civilized society out of those rabel rousing villagers? The more things change the more they stay the same.