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Eric Bolling’s Bloody Hand Stunt

Here we see Eric Bolling on Fox News Channel’s The Five doing his best Code Pink impression — only, he’s not doing an impression. He’s serious. Notice how the other panelists mock the fact that he spread ketchup on his hand — mockery well deserved.

I swear, the nutbags on the far-left and far-right are totally off the rails right now. I’m moving into a phase of finding it to be hilarious. It’s more fun than being constantly frustrated.

(ht Seth Okin)
  • LTanya Spearman

    One seriously point, that not one pundit TV analysis point out, that every republican in the senate & congress official line as recently as last fall was that ‘Red Line’ in Syria on chem weapons was their position TOO. Last yr VP debate Paul Ryan specifically said, “We agree with the same red line, actually, they do on chem. weapons.. “They’re right about that”..
    with video
    Now we hearing from a real SOD Robert Gates:
    Once again, Mr. Cesca, for straight talk and once again using your own rule: ‘When you first hear/read breaking headlines, wait a least 48 hrs. for actually facts to appear’.

  • mrbrink

    You can’t fool Dana Perino. She knows the real stuff when she sees it. Let’s see those hands, Dana. That stuff will never wash off.

    But Eric Bolling’s hand has seen some shit. That fucking thing stormed the beaches at Normandy and Saigon, and took human trophies. It’s like “Thing” from The Addams Family without the conscience.

    And since being summoned by Fox News, it’s been a life-altering experience for Eric Bolling’s hand. I was able to hack into his diary and pulled these excerpts because the world needs to know the truth about this:

    Day 1: Roger’s penis has proven remarkably resilient to my handling. He has suggested “The Five” for my show in honor of my nimble fingers. Soon, his climax will arrive and I will be free.

    Day 20: The lotion rations have nearly run out. Nails are filthy, untrimmed. Hand is cold, numb, trembling, but searching… searching for an end to the screams and the cackling laughter that never subside, and the soul I never had.

    Day 60: I now know the true meaning of horror and pleasure. I may never bowl human heads again. I will miss this most.

    Day 90: This will be my last correspondence. I will be surgically attached to Roger’s penis in the morning. This is my one true destiny.

  • js hooper

    I LOOOOOOVE this…just look at how completely divided and broken their brains are.

    They don’t know what to believe or what angle to take in attacking the President. He’s too weak, He’s too strong, He’s a liar, He’s a war monger, He’s an appeaser etc etc.

    My favorite part is when “Uhmerika Fuck Yeah!!!” Eric Bolling decides that America shouldn’t be a leader anymore and we should let China run everything….LMAO WTF

    The fringe left and the right wing have given up on intellectual debate and thinking about solutions to the world’s problems….they are just running on pure emotion now. They’re like 5 year olds.

    They remind me of this Michael Scott gif.

  • missliberties

    I agree. The nutbags on the right and left have lost their freaking minds.

    It gives one pause about exactly who participates on the interoobz It seems as time has passed more and more whackadoodles have decided they can participate in raising awareness of their own particular conspiracy theory online.

    Have you seen the one about how Snowden, might in fact actually be a Russian spy. And no that isn’t a conspiracy theory. In fact it’s pretty fucking creepy.

    Shove it Snowdenbots and wikileaks partybots. You got pawned.

    • Felonious Grammar

      It does seem to be quite the coincidence that the U.S. is being portrayed as the source of all evil for spying while Putin makes the most of it. It looks like our intelligence community is going to have to batten down the hatches.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    It’s improv, Bob. It’s supposed to be funny.