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Here’s What You’re Missing This Week: The Motivations of Team Greenwald; Greenwald Praises Oath Keepers; Steve Stockman is a Troll; This Week in Guns; Gun Permits for the Blind; Pacific Tuna is Not Radioactive; Bob and Joy are Ready to Get Married; Buhbye Anthony Weiner; The Newsroom’s Bloody Penultimate Episode; California Revenge Porn Law; The Tackiest 911 Ad; Jurassic World; I Miss Steve Jobs; and much more.

  • Art__VanDalay

    I spent four days in Yellowstone in July and as a Canadian (guns don’t give us boners for some reason) I got a big kick out of the “no guns allowed” sign at the entrance to the main lodge. Now it just kinda makes me sad. Fucking idiots and their guns.