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Here’s What You’re Missing This Week: Angry Black Lady Joins Us Again!; Bob Finally Watched Zero Dark Thirty; Was it Pro or Anti-Torture?; Brazil’s President Attacks US at the UN; NSA Stealing Brazil’s Samba Secrets; Has the NSA Story Fizzled Out?; NSA Spying on India; The Street Value of Benadryl; Chez on Ecstasy; The Testicle Biting Fish in New Jersey; The Most Misogynistic Blog Post Ever; The Downside of Crossfit; The Dumb and Dumber Sequel; The Emmys; Internet Celebrities; Popular Science Shuts Down Comments; and much more.

  • Draxiar

    Oops! “Page not found”. Anyone else get that?

    • Bob Cesca

      Whoops! WordPress blew a gasket and seized up. Should be posted now.

      • Draxiar

        Thankies! It is posted, I have it, and my Thursday ritual can continue.