Food Racism

Keep Going, You’re Doing Great

Remember the Colorado Republican who said higher rates of poverty among minorities can be blamed on fried chicken and porno?

Weeks later one of her colleagues displayed her solidarity with Vicki Marble by bringing a box of Popeye’s fried chicken to the next meeting of the legislative task force, and now a group of like-minded assholes are planning to bring fried chicken to the meeting of the state Republican party this weekend to show their support.

Why? Because the party chairman dared to speak out against overt racism. An unforgivable act.

To signal their displeasure with the state GOP chairman, who has spoken out against the racist actions of those in his own party, a group reportedly plans to bring boxed chicken lunches to the state party’s meeting in Denver this Saturday.

According to the Denver Post, members of the state party committee circulated an email calling for the censure of party chairman Ryan Call for his comments criticizing the original comments and the Popeye’s stunt. Ken Clark, a right-wing radio host and state field director for the Tea Party group FreedomWorks, told the Post that he may have proposed the idea of bringing chicken to Saturday’s meeting. “I get awful tired of Ryan Call throwing good, hard working Republicans under the bus,” he complained, adding, “I think he’s a squish, a jellyfish. He’s got no backbone.”

He’s a jellyfish. He has no backbone. And if he’s not willing to stand up for racism, FreedomWorks will!

I suppose if you’re going to rally around any given issue, the right to say overtly racist things and display racist caricatures and stereotypes is as good of an issue as any other. Knock yourself out.


  • muselet

    Interesting: everybody’s bringing fried chicken, but nobody’s bringing porn. I guess no one in the Colorado GOP wants to share his (or her, let’s be fair) private collection.

    Either that or nobody in the party knows how to organize a truly successful potluck.


  • D_C_Wilson

    The only racism teabaggers recognize is pointing out their own racism.

  • Schneibster

    They found out they can say anything they like about slavery and it’s legal as long as they don’t actually try to do it.

  • Teddy’s Person

    KKKeep it KKKlassy Colorado Republicans.