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Navy Yard Gunman Tried to Buy an AR-15, Passed a Federal Background Check

My Wednesday column:

Yesterday morning I had to post an update on my Navy Yard article, some of which I’ve incorporated into today’s article for the sake of emphasis. Recapping what I wrote yesterday, I had waited until the very end of the day on Monday, around midnight eastern time, before posting an article containing the details regarding the massacre in Washington, D.C. Once it appeared as if nearly every news outlet had published the same information — specifically that one of Alexis’ firearms was the eerily familiar AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle — I made the call to go with the AR-15 detail. Around twelve hours later, CNN reported that the gunman might not have used an AR-15. Hence the update and clarification.

In the update, I wrote that the existence or nonexistence of an AR-15, the infamous firearm used at Aurora and Sandy Hook, was ultimately irrelevant to the broader question of exactly how Alexis was able to purchase a firearm at all, much less attain card access to a secured military facility, considering his questionable history.

However, it turns out Alexis had actually attempted to buy an AR-15 as his first weapon of choice from the Sharpshooters Small Arms Range in Lorton, Virginia last Saturday. But Virginia state law forbids the purchase of AR-15s by out-of-state residents. Any upside the Virginia law might have provided was entirely decimated when, according to a lawyer for the gun shop who was quoted by The New York Times, Alexis had passed a federal background check, allowing him to buy a Remington 870 Express 12-gauge shotgun and 24 shells, which he used at the Navy Yard on Monday.

This news is absolutely breathtaking given Alexis’ history of prior gun violence incidents and, as was reported yesterday, the fact that Alexis suffered from paranoid delusions and, in one case, called the Newport, Rhode Island police to his hotel room because he apparently heard voices inside the walls talking to him… [CONTINUE READING]

  • nicole

    Personally, I’m at the point where I’d like to see two separate countries here. I hate these bastards, and I see no possibility that sanity will return until they .are fucking gone.As it is, we enable them because the blue states subsidize the red states, and if that weren’t enough, they’re as detrimental to us as a part of our government, both state and national, as they are useful to the 1%.

    Jesus I loathe these people.

    • missliberties

      I am there. I feel a burning fury or mass proportions.

      The American Jobs and Recovery Act will end Oct. 31st. The federal assistence for Food Stamps will be cut so people will be getting less in food stamps. While the GOP is trying to shut down the government and get you to buy more guns.


      I listened to the local neo-wingnut, Mike Rosen say on the radio you can’t legislate human behavior. Okay. Let’s just get rid of ALL laws then.

      Never mind that these folks use the tax payer courts, to buy judges, and make their world more corporate friendly, so gun dealers can sell more guns. Amurika!

      • nicole

        me too, missliberties, me too. :(

        • missliberties

          I am so mad, that I am searching for tea party phone numbers and giving their staff an earful. !!!! I have had it.

          After all this time, did you know that Obamacare is mandatory spending? IN other words, the tea party can’t freaking defund it. They can’t repeal it, because Obama won’t sign it, yet the media has been going on and on about their reporting how the GOP is going to defund Obamacare.

          But see If Lindsey Graham says it, you know a very serious Republican, will the media report on that now?

          • nicole

            Yeah, I hear ya. I can barely breathe some days, I am so angry.

          • missliberties

            It strikes me that this politics shit is kind of bad for your health.

            Are we winning yet? :)

  • Treading_Water

    Too soon! Too soon! Now is not the time…

  • intoxination

    And consider this on the story. A week before Sandy Hook, Democrats were trying to get an amendment in the defense authorization bill that would make it harder for PTSD vets to get guns. The NRA fired back with “Democrats don’t think our vets are entitled to the rights they defend.” Wonder how that argument is working now?