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Something Is Wrong With This Picture


Artist – Steve Greenberg

If you’re going to commit a hate crime and attack someone, you should probably at least confirm that you’re acting out your bigotry on the intended group of people so you don’t end up looking like a complete idiot in addition to a complete asshole. Or better yet, just keep your opinions to yourself.

Dr. Prabhjot Singh, a physician and a Columbia professor in international politics and public health, became a victim of an alleged Sikh hate crime when a group of about 20 young men reportedly attacked him during a walk near Central Park in New York City. A group surrounded Singh on Saturday night, shouting “get Osama” and “terrorist,” as they beat him to the ground, punched his face, and pulled his beard.

Sikhs are not Muslims. Having brown skin does not make you a terrorist. Having a beard or wearing a turban does not make you a terrorist or a Muslim. Muslim is not synonymous with terrorist.

Being a racist implies a certain amount of ignorance, but American racists seem to be exceptionally ignorant.

  • zac

    We’re #1 again!

  • joseph2004

    Ashby, you and Putin would make great bedfellows. Kindred spirits, you both are, exceptionally.
    Ever traveled outside of the US (and I don’t mean Canada)? When and if you do, you might be surprised to learn just how ignorant and downright bigoted other people in the world really can be.
    Just ask Lara Logan. She was assaulted by a bunch of “Arab Spring” enthusiasts because she was a Jew. Only, of course, she wasn’t (and is not ) a Jew, she only looked like one, according to them. White, “western.” Jew.
    I suppose we can forgive them that night for not knowing the difference. At least they aren’t as bad as America’s ignorant racists!
    But really, I’m not sure one can apply a scale to “ignorant racist.” Seems like you either are, or you’re not.
    You could have just said, “I love Putin!” and have been done with it. Instead you had to Americanize your disdain for American exceptionalism.

    Ever traveled to Mexico and been asked matter of factly how you feel about being called a “gringo”? You’d be a “gringo” because you’re white and not brown with black hair. Other people besides Americans are aware of skin color, too, sometimes much more overtly, to the point of people in the street up-front letting you know that in their culture, you’re considered something derogatory. I might protest “But I love Mexico! I love everything about it – the people, the music, the guacamole!” But, they’d know I wasn’t entirely “one of them.”
    This isn’t to condone American racists. I do doubt they’re all that exceptional. They seem rather ordinary in the world.

    • Lady Willpower

      What does Putin have to do with anything?

      • The Panic Man

        Ignore him, he’s a righty shit-flinger.

        • IrishGrrrl

          I just imagine these kinds of people as monkey’s flinging their own poo….reduces my urge to respond to them.

    • feloniousgrammar

      Our racism and bigotry is our problem.

    • mrbrink

      Apples and oranges.

      When you go to Mexico, and you get called a “gringo” — no worries. If you hear, “pinche gringo,” you should nod your head knowingly and apologize. It’s customary for 1st World people to be scorned in the Third world. So next time you put on your little fanny pack with your little socks & sandals and you’re slathering on several coats of your SPF 45 for a big day out carpet shopping in Mexico, realize that you are by default a 1st class a-hole who should know the difference between a Sikh in a turban and a 9/11 terrorist.

    • The Panic Man

      Por que no te callas?

    • zac

      Research the name “Gringo”. It has no racial connotation. It has to do with the Panamanians opening the locks on the Panama Canal to American ships. When the light turned green they would yell GREEN, GO! The sailors found it humorous and thusly named themselves “gringos”. the same applies to whites in NYC blowing their horns for drugs and prostitutes in Brooklyn, thereby nicknaming us “Honkies”. Although I doubt the john’s found humor in the name, as do most racially sensitive white conservatives looking for racial scapegoats….

    • JMAshby

      Don’t you ever get tired of making yourself look like an ass?

      • nicole

        No, I don’t think he does. And the reason is that he thinks he’s superior to us in every way.

        I would also suspect that he’s never been anywhere off of this continent.

    • nicole

      While there may be bigoted peoples in many parts of the world, it does not excuse the bigotry in this country. In fact, I would suggest that our bigotry makes us exceptional.

      You, Joseph, are an ass.

      • Christopher Foxx

        While there may be bigoted peoples in many parts of the world, it does not excuse the bigotry in this country

        Exactly. And notice how joseph never denies the racism in this country in general or in the incident Ashby reported on specifically.

        Like I said above (below?), it’s all just the typical “But look over there” which is all cowards like joseph have. Can’t deny the truth of what you say about them, so they try to stammer that someone else is worse.

    • Christopher Foxx

      That’s got to be the longest “But look over there!” that I’ve ever seen.

  • trgahan

    Proud day to be an American!