Ted Cruz Fails At Chess

Senator Ted Cruz evidently tweeted out this photo of an incorrectly set chess board as a way of communicating his obvious inadequacies. Or something.

.@SenMikeLee #YourMove
7:22 PM – 27 Sep 2013

See, the white Queen is supposed to be on the white square. The obvious solution is to smash the board and blame it on the president. But it’s his board, his rules, and Mongo only pawn in game of life

  • feloniousgrammar

    Ted: So the POTUS plays eleven-dimensional chess, huh? Watch me take a picture of a chess board. See?! See?!!! Yeah, that’s right buddy— just keep walking.

  • Badgerite

    Holy Nero, Batman! He’s off playing some board game while the country burns. What a guy. Here is the problem with that ( among many ). We are people. Not inanimate objects (pawns) in his ego game. And I don’t believe he was sent to Congress to play board games. Though, games, he is clearly playing. At least he admits that.

  • RamOrgan

    How can you tell which are the queens? Oh … never mind.

  • LTanya Spearman

    Bob, what do you expect from a man who stood in the senate chamber and read *Green Ham and Eggs* along with his buddies playing jeopardy; bad history lesson on Nazi & fascism v.s. A President who corrals Syria CWs of WMD; transforms relationship with Iran; deepen partnership with India; who have respect from 90% of the Global leaders…
    Think that he can compete wits with this President or any dignitary on the world stage.. That the real joke (lmao)..

  • muselet

    Maybe it’s a metaphor. Yeah, that’s it, it must be a metaphor. Ted Cruz is smart (just ask him, he’ll tell you), so he knows all about metaphors.

    Let’s see. The black king and queen are on the correct squares, so that must mean that Barack and Michelle Obama are where they should … Hang on, that can’t be right.

    Let me try again. The pawns look like little constipated guys sitting on really tall toilets (sorry, they do—it’s a hideous chess set) and one of the white pawns has been advanced by two squares, which means … nothing I can mention on a relatively family-friendly blog like this.

    Okay, I got nothing. It must be Ted Cruz communicating his obvious inadequacies. Or something.