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This Doctor Clearly Failed Sexual Anatomy Class

Fox News Channel predictably finds Dr. Nick Riviera from The Simpsons, who believes that men “only have the prostate” while women have a lot of additional organs (timecode 3:20):

Yeah, okay. Men and women have the same organs, just at different levels of development. Yes, men, you have what could’ve, with the right chromosome pair and hormones, grown into a vagina. Someone should tell Dr. Nick.

Adding… Notice how talking monkey Kilmeade can’t name any organs without help.

  • mdblanche

    This guy’s voice even sounds a bit like Nick Riviera’s.

  • muselet

    David Samadi may be a fine urologist (although I wouldn’t want him anywhere near any part of my urinary system), but his grasp of healthcare economics is so tenuous I want to believe this entire segment was a deliberate joke rather than an unintentional one.

    Why was the glibertarian arrested for indecent exposure? Someone asked him to count to 21. *rim shot*


  • JMAshby

    Let’s not insult monkeys by comparing them to Kilmeade.

    • Victor_the_Crab

      Well, to be fair, Kilmeade does like to throw his feces at everything he doesn’t like.

  • Draxiar

    All that science confuses them.

    And no, women shouldn’t have to pay more for healthcare…just as old people shouldn’t have to pay more for healthcare. The idea is that everyone pays thereby lowering costs for everyone.