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Worst Person in the World

The Nation‘s Bob Dreyfuss for this lede:

It’s tempting to enjoy the moment, that is, the humiliation of President Obama and the short-circuiting of his war push by a brilliant coup conducted by Vladimir Putin, that sly old dog and ju-jitsu expert, along with Russia’s ally, Syria. President Obama might as well not bother giving his Oval Office speech tonight, because the chances that Congress will approve Obama’s Authorization to Use Military Force are zero, and the possibility that the United States will go to war against Syria without congressional support are now less than zero.

I don’t even wanna know these people any more.

Brilliant coup?!

Anyone who has to be told not to enjoy the humiliation of the president is dead to me. Second of all, they have zero facts in terms of what’s happening behind the scenes. Diplomacy is delicate and not always clear when observed close-up. So, you know, grow up, Bob.

  • nathkatun7

    “Anyone who has to be told not to enjoy the humiliation of the president is dead to me.”

    “I don’t even wanna know these people any more.”

    I am with you 100%, Bob Ceska! I am so glad I canceled my subscription to “The Nation” two years ago.

  • muselet

    That gleefully dismissive paragraph reads like something a smug and pretentious high-schooler might have written during the Vietnam War. As such, it would have been forgivable. Instead, it was written by a professional journalist, and that makes it unacceptable.

    I suppose Robert Dreyfuss felt the need to demonstrate that he’s not about party politics, he’s about sticking it to The Man, man. Pity he had to do so in full view of the world.


    • cleos_mom

      **That gleefully dismissive paragraph reads like something a smug and
      pretentious high-schooler might have written during the Vietnam War.**

      I was in college during that time and I had classmates who rationalized things like cheating on exams and shoplifting with assertions that these things were “nothing compared to what we’re doing in Vietnam.”

      I’m *not* making this up. Wish I was.

      • muselet

        As someone who was in high school in the ’70s, I don’t doubt you for a moment. My peers hadn’t quite got to that level of justifying the unjustifiable or they’d have been doing the same things.


  • Victor_the_Crab

    Shut the fuck up Bob Dreyfuss. With enemies like you, the right doesn’t need allies.

  • Rita D. Lipshutz


  • Bill Hirschi

    It’s amazing to me how susceptible the left has become to “Obama Derangement Syndrome.” Really, sometimes lately I’ve had trouble distinguishing between DailyKos and Red State.

    • Richard_thunderbay

      One aspect of that is that there are folks who are actively working towards changing dkos into a Red State-like echo chamber, in particular, pushing the conspiracy theory that the people who disagree with the popular Greenwald narrative are paid hacks employed by the NSA in order to discredit and silence any dissenting voices.

      What’s going there reminds me of this…

      Speaking before the Ohio County Women’s Republican Club in Wheeling,
      West Virginia, Senator McCarthy waved before his audience a piece of
      paper. According to the only published newspaper account of the speech,
      McCarthy said that, “I have here in my hand a list of 205 [State
      Department employees] that were known to the Secretary of State as being
      members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working
      and shaping the policy of the State Department.” In the next few weeks,
      the number fluctuated wildly, with McCarthy stating at various times
      that there were 57, or 81, or 10 communists in the Department of State.
      In fact, McCarthy never produced any solid evidence that there was even
      one communist in the State Department.

      • missliberties

        Yes, yes and yes. As a ex-member of the dKos community I can attest to the fact that I was kicked out of the club, for having the audacity of thinking that pragmatism in support of mo better democrats is a smart idea. Never in my life would I have imagined that supporting a Democratic president was considered illiberal and intolerable. Thanks again Glenn Greenwald. Cultivating cynicism has helped to weaken our President….. you know that ‘war criminal’ who ‘murdered’ bin Laden in cold blood.

        • Richard_thunderbay

          If there is anyone masquerading as a progressive while actually being a concern troll, it’s Greenwald. He’s a libertarian who doesn’t really give a shit about social or economic issues.

        • cleos_mom

          I read dKos regularly but have never forgiven nor forgotten the ragging that Hillary Clinton supporters took there in 2008. There’s no reason to believe that the mentality has changed.

          • missliberties

            @Hillary 44

            Rush Limbaugh started his Operation Chaos.

            Republicans pretending to be Democrats so they could trash Obama.

            It never stopped, did it. We can see by you openly stating your long standing resentment.

            Thankfully after the election was over Obama has always treated Hillary with the utmost respect.

          • cleos_mom

            **We can see by you openly stating your long standing resentment.**

            Pithy statement for the day:

            Turning the other cheek is a good way to get a sore butt as often as not.

          • Fleet Admiral Josh

            I saw the ragging they gave several democrat – including Kerry, Biden, and Boxer – as far back as 2006 and before, so their bashing on Hillary (and then on Obama for not being perfect) came as basically zero surprise to me.

          • missliberties

            Nancy Pelosi posted there one time only. The comments were unbearably rude and disrespectful. Of course she never came back.

      • Badgerite

        These people have become so paranoid that if their mama told them something, they wouldn’t believe it. It is really incredible. And the truth is that they don’t seem to be aware of how they are hurting their own credibility with more pragmatic liberals. I now visit those sites and read their posts with a certain skepticism that I did not employ with respect to them before.

        • Richard_thunderbay

          Currently, there is one diarist in particular who is pushing the paranoid conspiracies and witchhunts for NSA sockpuppets. His diaries always shoot to the top of the recommended list and he has a posse of followers who brake out the truncheons whenever anyone posts a disagreeing comment.

          • Badgerite

            That might explain some of the more weirder comments at this site from time to time. They are in search of ‘NSA sockpuppets’. As in anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

          • Richard_thunderbay

            Around here, when Greenwaldians see that they are losing the argument, there’s a high probability that the government shill accusations will get rolled out.

          • Treading_Water

            Why should a Greeenwaldian worry his beautiful mind debating with Obamabots? Since only an Obamabot doesn’t believe that Greenwadd is John Adams and Snowden is Paul Revere, then why should they engage in debate at all? Easier to just keep reposting the same thing over and over again, regardless of the actual merits of the argument.

          • drsquid

            Lemme guess. Ray Pensador. Been a CT forever.

      • cleos_mom

        **In fact, McCarthy never produced any solid evidence that there was even
        one communist in the State Department.**

        Since this was the “Cold War”, it would be quite a stretch to argue that there weren’t any — both sides were spying on each other in those years. The catch was that McCarthy didn’t understand the importance of knowing your enemy. In fact, the conventional wisdom in that fatally naive era was that understanding the opposition, even in the interest of tactics, was a kind of betrayal or moral compromise. Consequently, McCarthy hurt or destroyed a lot of innocent people and most likely some of the things he and others were paranoid about went on right under quite a few officials’ noses.

  • missliberties

    I hate the group of liberals that Dreyfuss represents. They are the ones that get sucked in by Greenwalds lies. They are the ones that can’t stop calling the President a war monger.

    These are the folks that drag democrats down election after election. A good Democrat wins, and up crop the libruls with their purity trolling. I could go on and on, but I will stop now.

    • Hal Swann

      It has become pretty obvious, since they did the same crap back in 2010 over the ACA, they’re nothing more than teabaggers who don’t like tricorn hats.

      • missliberties

        I whole heartedly agree with Richard_thunberbay’s analysis, that these purity trolls are like McCarthyites. It’s a bit disgusting that I find myself agreeing with Andrew Breitbart that libruls are tyrannically intolerant, to the point where disagreement equals you are a traitor to the cause. It’s quite sickening to me.

        • IrishGrrrl

          Breitbart didn’t have any great insight there….all extremists are tyrannically intolerant and we’ve always known it. It’s just that the right wing extremists have been much more media play over the last 20 years than the radical left.

          • missliberties

            Well, I have to say, that I was wildly disillusioned by the jarring attacks dealt against me personally by these craven librul extremists. I thought we were all the same side. How wrong I was.

          • Rita D. Lipshutz

            it took me awhile to admit to myself that the left has what amounts to our own tea party but we do. the saving grace though is that the Dems know better than to take them seriously, unlike the GOP who have allowed themselves to be completely taken over by their lunatic fringe.

          • missliberties

            If you look at history, the libruls have always dragged down good practical democrats. I am positive that the GOP will never enact a liberal agenda, so why attack democrats?

            Tom Hartman was doing this yesterday. Just savaging Obama, because Obama is obviously NOT a freaking pacificst.

          • missliberties

            The right wing has attacked the radical left forever. Treehuggers. Moonbats. They savaged the OWS ‘sit ins’ has people pooping in parks during community hearings on Utopia. The only reason the right wing gets away with this is because there is an ounce of truth here. But we see the center right has it’s hands full these days with the tea party purists, or the extremists on the other end. The irony that libruls and Paulbots are holding hands these days to opposse Obama. How heartwarming.

      • Richard_thunderbay

        The ultimate expression of how fucked up that situation was Jane Hamsher allying herself with Grover Norquist. How can you demand liberal purity, when you’re joined at the hip with one of the most vile conservatives there is?

        Strange bedfellows for me, but not for thee, evidently. Fuck that hypocritical shit.

        She’s someone else I’d classify as a faux progressive concern troll.

      • Rita D. Lipshutz

        i used to have a friend who would say “what’s the difference between a teabagger and a firebagger? the first name.”

    • 57andFemale

      I went to Katrina’s twitter TL to say a few choice words. Where I found reference to her clusterf*** with Chris Hayes last night talking about “False Choice Between Military Action and Moral Complacency”. So ‘either/or’ is repugnant to Katrina and her cohorts. And yet, any compromise on the part of PBO is selling out; any action to stop CW means he’s hungering for war.

      Who, exactly, is being intellectually dishonest? As she pontificates from her mansion in the Hamptons. Please.

      • Badgerite

        You know, there was a choice to be made. And they made it and opted for Moral Complacency.

        • IrishGrrrl

          I’d only modify that to say, “Selective” Moral Complacency.

        • nathkatun7

          Indeed, Badgerite! And that is the pig they can’t beautify with lipstick. For them, those gassed innocent children are to be viewed in abstract.

    • nathkatun7

      “A good Democrat wins, and up crop the libruls with their purity trolling.”

      Brava, Missliberties! Thank you for speaking TRUTH!

  • Lady Willpower

    Racism, homophobia, crushing of dissent… what is it about Russia that gets progressives so moist in the trousers?

  • tangles

    Browsing through Dreyfuss’s past articles in The Nation, it’s crystal clear that he really, really hates Obama. He consistently tries to back up his pathetic arguments by using quotes from Tucker Carlson and other Fox “personalties”, as well as the Wall Street Journal. By employing this asshat, The Nation has lost all credibility. Forever.

    • missliberties

      He’s a freaking poser sent out to divide, create cynicism and peel off a certain percentage of the votes from democrats just like Greenwald.

  • Ryan Gray

    Anyone know some voodoo we could use to reanimate the corpse of McCarthy, get this guy blacklisted for giving aid and comfort to Russia? Jesus, these fuckers. We have always been at war with Eurasia.

  • Badgerite

    Well, if this was something that Putin and the Russians have ‘been pushing’ for a long time, then why didn’t he do it? Lord knows he has to have enormous influence over Assad, since Assad has more or less been propped up by a Russian life line for years now. At any time in the last year, Putin could have proposed this and the whole world, not just the Obama administration, would have jumped at it. So why didn’t he? He waited until US forces were mobilizing for a military strike in order to prevent a military strike. That doesn’t even make sense. I’m guessing the mobilizing for the military strike is what got him off whatever diplomatic fence he was on. Plus I imagine he wanted to give Assad as much time as possible to use his chemical weapon stockpile at strategic points to fend off the rebels.

  • Broadway Carl

    Yes, I’m sure meeting with Putin at the G20 had absolutely nothing to do with what is happening now. I’m sure John Kerry’s “throw away” comment on Syria giving up it’s chemical weapons to avoid air strikes had absolutely nothing to do with it. I’m sure that PBO tossing the Syria hot potato to Congress, whose GOP members were calling him weak for doing nothing about Syria, then miraculously were planning to do nothing about Syria when the ball was in their court had absolutely nothing to do with it. … And Putin is the ju-jitsu expert… got it.

  • nicole

    >>>I don’t even wanna know these people any more.

    >>>Anyone who has to be told not to enjoy the humiliation of the president is dead to me.

    Co-sign. Emphatically.

    Adds…..they’re so transparent, really. I wish someone would tell me what it is about racism that makes it a thing that Liberals should be proud of.

    • Draxiar

      You beat me to it Nicole!

      Bob, you’ve summarized in these statements the enduring feeling I have for so much in the current political arena- foreign and domestic.

    • marse59

      Nicole lets take a minute to remember My Pet Goat”. also the Dixie chicks. Now please think about 08 and we are still at war. Seems to me the minute a muslim democrat moved into” Your white house” the slime and garbage started. To bad you cannot IMPEACH Obama for a BJ.