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Worst Person in the World

The guy with, obviously, an hilariously tiny penis who shot and killed a bull elephant for an NRA sponsored TV show.

National Rifle Association lobbyist Tony Makris loves killing big game, and in a recent episode of “Under Wild Skies,” he shoots down one of the biggest: a bull elephant.

The show, sponsored by the NRA, has aired on various networks in the past, but NBC Sports Network is now facing backlash for carrying newer episodes of the program.

In the video above, Makris, wearing the brown safari hat, can be seen tracking the elephant, taking aim and shooting it twice. The large animal trumpets, and Makris and his guide retreat to reload.

“Somebody got a little cheeky there,” he says, chuckling after the elephant stormed in their direction. Makris then raises his rifle up again and shoots it “between the eyes.”

In the next scene, he and his guide stand next to the dead elephant and talk about how they snuck right into its “bedroom” to kill it. The next clip shows the group sipping from champagne glasses, as the guide talks about the “special” act of bringing the elephant’s ivory back to camp.

I have nothing but contempt and visceral hatred for people like this. To kill a beautiful, majestic animal for no other reason but to watch it die is a sociopathic mental illness, and this Makris guy, with his hopelessly flaccid, raisin-sized penis, shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a firearm.

  • D_C_Wilson


    I have no other words to describe how much contempt I feel right now.

  • Draxiar

    May someone shoot them, permanently maim them, pull out their teeth, and carve the image of a penis on their forehead.
    I’m serious.

  • BlueTrooth

    I caught this video from the Twitter stream and, although I knew the end of the story, I couldn’t stop myself from rooting for the elephant. The sad part being, He let the hunters live after they retreated from his territory. Sharing videos like this one, produced for the “entertainment” of hunters (and to sell guns, of course), is probably the most effective way to generate support for protection of our dwindling resources and endangered species.

  • nicole

    I despise trophy hunters, and the NRA deserves massive pushback on this. I hope they arrest this fucking idiot, and that the NRA receives worldwide condemnation.

    Hey, Mr. Hunter, did it get any bigger?! Asshole.

  • Razor

    Absolutely disgusting. I struggle with the idea of eating a chicken that exists solely because people bred them for food, I will never understand the idea behind killing anything for “fun,” let alone something as majestic as an elephant. Goddamn, I hate men.

  • Ipecac

    I will never understand this. Sick bastard.

  • differentdrummer

    I hope the game wardens met him at the border to confiscate his prize – which is illegal to traffic internationally.

  • zirgar

    I feel nothing but loathing and contempt for trophy hunters. Fuck you, you pussies. When I was a kid my family and I hunted to put food on the table but it was never an enjoyable prospect. I gave up hunting as a teenager and my dad followed suit several years later. So, an animal has to die for you to get some enjoyment out of it? And why does your killing it trump my enjoyment of it just being a living, breathing animal in all of its wonderful glory? As far as we know, life only exists on earth, so to use a market example, that makes it one of the rarest things in the universe, and being rare it is precious, so it’s value should be high, and we should treat these creatures like the biological miracles they are, but instead we treat killing like it’s just another act like breathing and shitting without thinking of the bigger picture. “Hey, there’s plenty of them to go around.” Yeah, people always say that right up until the last one is killed and they’re gone forever. And if you bring abortion into this argument I will find you and beat you the fuck down. This whole thing sickens me. Fuckers.

  • KABoink_after_wingnut_hacker

    It’s hard to find the words to describe the hatred and anger I feel for these scum who glorify killing, just for the sake of killing.
    There are few things in the world as ugly as this, and few things as putrid as these people.