Boston Dynamics’ Wildcat Will Hunt You Down, Consume You For Fuel

Okay, it won’t consume you for fuel, at least not yet, but unless you’re an Olympic sprinter it’s certainly fast enough to hunt you down.

All it needs now is a set of teeth.

The robot is designed to aide emergency services and support military operations, but I have a feeling the emphasis will be on the latter.

  • Mike Huben

    Put a deerskin on it and mount a rifle on it: let it hunt hunters!

  • CL Nicholson

    This awesome!

  • mrbrink

    Sick em’, Fido! Sick em’ all!

  • muselet

    Someone at Boston Dynamics has been studied quadruped locomotion very carefully. The slo-mo of WildCat galloping and turning looks uncannily like a dog or a (very small) horse running. Most impressive, even if the front legs articulate wrong.

    All seriousness aside, I feel better knowing the thing can trip itself, the engine sounds like an unmuffled Vespa and it’s not terribly maneuverable at speed (the turning radius looks to be a couple of meters at least). You’ll hear it coming, it may fall down and go boom, and you should be able to avoid it by emulating a bullfighter. ¡Olé!


  • nicole

    Just wait for Civil War II……..the GOP will set as many of the creepy robots on us as they can acquire!

    Only half kidding.

    • muselet

      Ah, but the company is based out of Boston, which means we will have the creepy robots at our disposal.



      • nicole

        :) I’d forgotten about that. But who knows…….they could find a way.