Chart of the Day

As this chart from the Washington Post clearly demonstrates, the Republican party has royally screwed itself among the few demographics they may have otherwise been able to make inroads with.


The Republican party’s unfavorable rating has jumped by 19 points among seniors and 17 points among independents.

That takes skill. Independents typically don’t believe in anything this strongly.

  • D_C_Wilson

    The thing is, this will actually have zero impact on their behavior because it’s not getting any real play. The Fox/Limbaugh bubble is telling them that they handled the shutdown “Magnificently” and our “Librul meida” is too married to the “both sides are equally guilty” meme to report honestly on how badly they shoot themselves in the nuts.

  • feloniousgrammar

    Keep fuckin’ that chicken, fella’s. Faster, harder, longer— make sure there’s nothing left in that chicken to fuck, then find another chicken to fuck, you adorable chicken fuckers, you. The party of Fuck and Cluck Chicken Fuckers is on a roll.

  • mrbrink

    Yeah, but if you look at it upside down, the Democrats have a serious problem going into 2014 and beyond, and enter other criminally insane media observations [here].

    • drspittle

      My local propatainment bots say, “Americans disapprove of Congress, blah blah”, focus on Obama’s “unfavorable ratings”, and then quickly rattle off the GOP numbers like an afterthought.

      • mrbrink

        Yeah. I see that a lot. Denial was never more dangerous. Haha! Look! See? they’re not crazy…oh, they’re now ripping out the stuffing of donated toy animals and filling them with poison gas bombs to ship out to every household in the country? The Democrats are going to have some explaining to do about this.

        • drspittle

          Nailed it.