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Colbert on the Debt Ceiling and Ted Yoho

And defaulting on our debts could, just could, be beneficial according to Florida congressman Ted Yoho who I believe represents the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

  • muselet

    “I think, personally, it would bring stability to the world markets.” –Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Crazytown)

    Yes, but only in the sense that a pile of rubble is stable.

    Semi-seriously, if we do default and things go south, I propose that we take all the people who have claimed otherwise and throw them into a deep pit filled with cholla.


    • mrbrink

      Foreign terrorists just need to join up with the GOP, or just keep funding their negative ads through Citizens United. The GOP can destroy all the economies and make all the rubble they want and they’ll always be called misguided patriots at worst. We laugh at their rebranding efforts, but this is where branding is really paying off. The best marketing money can buy. Turn that white collar terrorist into a Freedom fighter today, with Liberty Glow! I believe it’s an Amway, or BP, or Koch manufactured product.

      But maybe this is all just a means to bring all that misfiring scenario training to good use? They’ve bought the guns and every piece of ammo on the shelves and warned, warned! that this Holy day would come when they’d finally get to shoot some women and minorities to save us all. Maybe they sat through a three week course on VHS tape and even took them out for their big days at the firing range with the bleeding targets and the presidential zombie coming for their freedoms. The life-like women holding non-Southern sanctioned books and their uteruses close to their bleeding hearts. They’ve fought so hard in their totally ruggedly-independent hive-mind to have them, and dealing with constant imaginary tyranny must be stressful. They’ve walked around in public with them strapped to their most intimate parts– Named them something like, “Skittles.” Taught the young’ uns to treat them with more respect than women and minorities and animals, and to never, ever, ever, ever, ever go into the special, magical, grown-up-drawer and take it out for show & tell without first firing a warning shot into the air to chase away the evil gun-grabbing spirits. They’ve cleaned them so closely, at length, while everyone’s asleep. Stroked them with assorted oils and lubricants while watching Hannity on an old 13 inch color T.V. out in the garage, slowly caressing the barrel, every breath steaming the finish, scrubbing it faster, and faster, and faster right along with every not-so-subtle word calling for race war and armed revolution against all Obamacare-lovers. They fantasize violent confrontation. If they default us, they seem to think they’re more than prepared to defend the Idiot Alamo from anyone looking to throw them in with the cholla. This keeps me up at night.

      • IrishGrrrl

        All sane liberals should be insomniacs now