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Gov. Chris Christie Is Real Mature

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and probable candidate for President in 2016, was asked about what he would do as the government shutdown continues, and he told the Philadelphia Inquirer this past Friday, “If I was in the Senate right now, I’d kill myself.”

Totally, right? Like, gag me with a gavel!

Gov. Christie knows who is responsible for all this:

“The president saw this train coming for a long time. All of a sudden today’s the first day he has anyone over to the White House? Same thing with the Speaker, same thing with the majority. They saw this train coming for a long time and did nothing to stop it.”

The president saw this train coming? Why didn’t he lie down on the tracks?

Republicans saw this coming because they are the ones driving the train. The party has taken the position of “stand firm” and the base complains that they have already compromised enough. Conductor Boehner’s been sounding the Tea Party’s horn for miles, and there’s no way that guy is an irresponsible drunk behind the switch.

This is like blaming the 9/11 on the Twin Towers. Gov. Christie is a man-child.

  • roxsteady1

    Ah, yes, the false equivalency party line. This man is every bit as stupid as the Democrats here in my state who will vote for him again. He can get his fat ass off the fence though because the teabaggers will make sure that he doesn’t get through the primary. They’ve already voted for McCain who they were told could appeal to more voters but, didn’t. They were then fed that same bullshit with Rommney and he lost too so, in 2016 they’re going to go with a true wingnut, batshit, bible thumping, nutjob. It will likely be Cruz who will crush Christie. I’m actually looking forward to that because they won’t just be squashing Christie’s chances, they’ll also squash his beltway fanboys in the media who keep talking about how reasonable this anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, teachers union bashing, douchebag is. The baggers still blame him for the President’s win and will be looking to extract some revenge.

  • muselet

    Chris Christie wants to be the grown-up in the R primaries, thinking he’ll pick off all the non-insane voters (best of luck with that!), so he’s trying hard to sound reasonable, in a Beltway-friendly, “both sides” kind of way.

    “Look at me! I’m not just a boorish clown! I’m presidential timber!”

    Sadly, Christie really believes he can be a credible candidate in 2016.


  • Victor_the_Crab

    Christie can’t blame this all on Republicans. Not if he has any faint hope of winning the Republican nomination in 2016, and it’s tiny enough as it is.

  • feloniousgrammar

    party über alles