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Here’s What You’re Missing This Week: Bob’s New Buttons; Greenwald: The Newspaper!; Greenwald: The Movie!; Changing the Rules of Journalism; Snowden Hacked CIA in 2009; Gravity Was Spectacular; Great Movies and Oscar Winners of the 1970s; 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Return of the Jedi; Ben Foster is Lance Armstrong; Alton Brown’s Bow Ties; Florida Man’s Racist Prank Gone Awry; and much more.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I’m still not over Braveheart beating Apollo 13.

    Ron Howard wasn’t even nominated for Best Director, which was a crime. (He won the Director’s Guild award for Apollo 13; I think he was the first to do that and not even be nominated for the Oscar.) Filming on board the NASA KC-135 “vomit comet” alone was enough.