Marco Rubio Found The Excuse He Was Looking For


Marco Rubio has been soul-searching for months, looking for an excuse to write off immigration reform for good. Now it looks like he’s found what he was looking for.

It’s Obama’s fault, of course.

“I think immigration reform is harder to achieve today than it was three weeks ago because of what happened here.” [...]

“The president has undermined this effort, absolutely, because of the way he has behaved over the last three weeks,” Rubio added. “This notion that they’re going to get in a room and negotiate a deal with the president on immigration is much more difficult to do…because of the way the president has behaved towards his opponents over the last three weeks.”

What Rubio is really saying is that it’s clear the president will not sign an immigration reform bill that focuses solely on border security and nothing else which, in his mind, is equivalent to the president refusing to cut domestic programs in exchange for averting financial collapse during the GOP Government Shutdown.

The president refused to negotiate for a basic level of governmental competence and congressional obligation, and the chances of him negotiating away key provision in an immigration reform bill are even slimmer considering that the Republicans do not have global financial catastrophe to use as leverage. There are no potential hostages.

The comprehensive reform bill Rubio originally supported, the one that was passed by the Senate, included a heaping pile of Border Security along with a path to citizenship, but he would like you to forget all of that.

The window of opportunity when congress could have passed comprehensive immigration reform has closed and the GOP’s primary mission over the next several years will be to try, and fail, to blame Democrats for it.

Regardless of how they try to frame it, they can’t escape the apparent racism of refusing to treat immigrants as equal human beings for no credible reason. People who want to become Americans, and those who already see themselves as Americans.

  • mdblanche

    That’s funny. Here’s an autopsy for immigration reform but it’s dated last month from before the shutdown. The Republicans couldn’t be dishonest about this, could they?

    But let’s quote from another autopsy:

    “We must embrace and champion comprehensive immigration reform….If Hispanic Americans hear that the GOP doesn’t want them in the United States, they won’t pay attention to our next sentence. It doesn’t matter what we say about education, jobs or the economy; if Hispanics think that we do not want them here, they will close their ears to our policies. In essence, Hispanic voters tell us our Party’s position on immigration has become a litmus test, measuring whether we are meeting them with a welcome mat or a closed door.”

    Remember that? It’s the Republicans’ own autopsy. Their problem with Hispanic voters hasn’t gone away. I don’t think “it’s not our fault we closed our door in your face. We had to because the President was mean to us” is going to be a persuasive campaign message, do you?

  • GrafZeppelin127

    I think this needs a replay:

    GOP – Special Victims Unit

  • D_C_Wilson

    I swear, the GOP has become nothing but a bunch of crybabies. Every time they don’t get their way, they cry and whine about how their pwecious feewings have been hurt. But when they win, anyone who dares question them is told to sit down and shut up. It’s like an entire political party made up of eight-year-olds.

    • mdblanche

      You were doing fine there, right up until you insulted eight-year-olds for no good reason.

  • GrafZeppelin127

    Good lord; don’t they have anything better than “Waaah, the President hurt our feelings, so we can’t negotiate with him anymore because he’s just a big meanie!!!”

    Jeebus fleebing cripes. Grow the f*** up.

    • D_C_Wilson

      “If only President Obam would stop acting like he got more votes than we did, we could work with him!”

    • feloniousgrammar

      Members of the Republican party are always sniveling about something.

  • MaryJane Mccarthy James

    More of the blame game from the party that never accepts responsibility for ANYTHING THEY DO. Never once did they ever hold bushie accountable for the death’s of tens of thousands of innocent people. ANYTHING he did was fine because he was a white red neck cowboy from Texas.