New Trailer for ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’

I seriously can’t wait to return to Middle Earth for the next movie. If it’s half as good as this new trailer, it won’t disappoint.

  • Christopher Foxx

    More ninja elves!!

  • Groundloop

    I’ll have to be the contrarian (and channel Chez):

    I’m not a Tolkien fanboy, though I have the extended DVDs of The Lord of the Rings trilogy which I watch marathon style every couple of years, but I don’t care about The Hobbit. I work in the film/TV business and I was curious about the 48fps so I went to see part 1 in the theatre, and I thought it looked terrible. Not grindhouse terrible, but no “movie magic” terrible. I could see the crispness being well used in a nature documentary, but it felt jarring in an action/adventure movie, at least to me. Beyond that, the movie didn’t engage me at all. A bunch of characters we know barely anything about walking from fight scene to fight scene for nearly 3 hours. Fight scenes which have no suspense or jeopardy because Gandalf. All that said, Horses for Courses as the saying goes, and I hope ya’ll enjoy it.

    • Fabius_Maximus

      Don’t forget the Goblin king speaking Oxford English.

      Yeah, it wasn’t very good.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    No offense Bob, but…

  • Draxiar

    When it was announced that the Hobbit was going to go from two movies to three there was a bit of an outcry about that. “It’s all for money!”…”Why three movies for one book?”…and so on. I only saw it as good thing because we’d get to stay in Middle-Earth for that much longer.
    I’m outside my mind excited to see the next movie. I’ve got LotR feeling of when I was waiting for the next release.

  • Ipecac

    I’m totally with you. Cannot wait.