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North Carolina Republicans Honoring Jesse Helms

Seriously, fuck these guys.

After a week in which Republicans in North Carolina revealed that they are running nothing less than an election fraud scheme in the state in an attempt to thwart imaginary voter fraud, with the GOP’s signature legislation of systematically killing democracy across the country based upon the whims of people who think up the worst racist jokes anyone has ever heard set to purge would-be Democratic party voters, the week ended appropriately for North Carolina Republicans, as Governor Pat McCrory honored the legacy of former U.S. Senator Jesse Helms– one of the most despicable human beings in American history, who often referred to the University Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as “The University of Negroes and Communists.”

At an event honoring Dorothy Helms for her work in carrying on the Helms legacy of sick, intellectual violence, N.C. Governor Pat McCrory went out of his way to kiss the ring of Wingnut royalty.

1374923_10151658069641949_1067049582_nIt was an honor to present Dorothy Helms with North Carolina’s Order of the Long Leaf Pine last night at a fundraiser benefiting a high school free enterprise education program through the Jesse Helms Center. Dorothy is one of the pioneering female journalists in North Carolina, a mother of three children and the wife of late Senator Jesse Helms. Congratulations for her contributions throughout her life and the contributions of the Jesse Helms Center for education and research.

Ah, yes. The Helms Center, operating out of Liberty University, or, The Jerry Falwell Institution For The Criminally Insane Leaders of Tomorrow:

The Helms School of Government prepares students to understand and articulate the Biblical Christian sources of our religious, economic and political liberties, and equip them to become Christ-centered leaders, able to apply God’s Word in every area of life.

Liberty University’s current Chancellor, President, and Dean of Money Laundering, Jerry Falwell Jr., said of Donald Trump’s huge #1 Hit convocation at the university last year, where he advised all Christian soldiers in attendance, “don’t let people take advantage; get even!” that it was “probably the best one in the history of the school!” and argued that Jesus would have agreed.

You know, Jesus … the Associated Press article quoted where Jesus said turn the other cheek, but Jesus also ran the money-changers out of the temple in anger with a whip. And so there is a time to be tough, there’s a time to, I wouldn’t necessarily say get even, but there’s a time to look out for yourself and for your family and for your country and to defend yourself and I don’t think that’s contrary to what Jesus taught at all.

As everyone knows, Jesus famously died fighting for his country, and family, and his right to defend himself. “Get even!” is the new “turn the other cheek.”

It’s amazing too, because just this year, Liberty University, a school that teaches students that the government is evil and needs to be taught a lesson in free-market Jesusing, received at least $775 million in federal aid, including loans and grants. Are you fucking shitting me, America? Can we get a “defund Liberty University” bill circulating, here? We can squeeze it in right between Republican amendments to continue to defund ACORN and Planned Parenthood.

Liberty University is an educational slush fund for Americans For Prosperity and The Heritage Foundation– the intellectually-barren future of public education in America– with all proceeds feeding the same polluted fish bowl of right wing hate, and they’re handing out Masters degrees in cultural ignorance and bigotry.

But earlier this month, to combat big government intrusion into his little chamber of horrors, Governor McCrory unleashed an editorial that would have made his old ideological mentor Jesse Helms very proud, going off on uppity Attorney General Eric Holder for filing suit against the state’s voter suppression laws just last month, Gov. McCrory wrote in response:

For Eric Holder, American racial history is frozen in the 1960s. The Supreme Court ruled in June that a section of the 1965 Voting Rights Act is no longer justified due to racial progress, but the U.S. Attorney General has launched a campaign to undo the decision state-by-state. His latest target is North Carolina, which he seems to think is run from the grave by the early version of George Wallace.

Eric Holder is a silly man. “The early version of George Wallace” ain’t got nothing on today’s GOP. And to prove Governor McCrory and today’s Republicans are a friend to the Negro, he has several pictures posted on his Facebook page to highlight all of his black friends and his sincere concern for the good ones who know their place:

Here he is just this past week standing with his best friend, Olympic relay runner, Manteo Mitchell:


And, here he is, seemingly overjoyed to be at the funeral and memorial service for a Reverend Willis Lassiter, who passed away last week:


Smile! We’re at a funeral for black people! One less Democratic voter to purge, eh, McCrory?

But I think this is the one that sums up Governor McCrory perfectly:


In 1984, I officiated an ACC All-Star basketball game and I called traveling on Michael Jordan. (He of course says I missed the call!) #TBT

“Nuh-uh. Not so fast, Negro!” Yes, that’s ACC college basketball officiator, Pat McCrory, in 1984 standing next to Michael Jordan who graduated as a Tar Heel from that “University of Negroes and Communists,” and who went on to become arguably the greatest basketball player and athlete of all time– But not before Pat McCrory got to call the greatest of all time for traveling. Michael Jordan looks unimpressed, but Pat McCrory doesn’t seem to mind that he is repulsive in any decade. Calling Michael Jordan for traveling was his claim to fame before going on to call Eric Holder and President Obama for trespassing against white culture and heritage. That particular photo-op is proving elusive.

Governor McCrory has refused Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act that would cover well over a million North Carolinians, but the issue is one of money for Republicans in North Carolina and the 25 other states which have opted out, leaving their most vulnerable citizens in healthcare purgatory.

Governor McCrory has cited poor people flooding hospitals and the government not fulfilling its obligations, which already cost the federal government $11 billion last year(N.C.’s share of Medicaid funding was $3 billion)as reasons for refusal. But that isn’t preventing the governor from requesting waivers from H.H.S. to create “Comprehensive Care Entities” as a way to launder more money to middle-men cronies who will turn Medicaid into a money-sucking windfall for people who need it the least. His proposal to treat mental illness and drug abuse is to bring back “Drug Court,” where people are thrown into the meat grinder of a right wing bureaucracy that still honors Jesse Helms and shapes government into his immortal image.

As the state’s Republican party leaders, who have absolute power in the legislature, try to figure out how to redistribute federal Medicaid dollars into their “Comprehensive Care Entities,” mulling over the inevitable decision to accept Medicaid expansion, they’re top concern is cash.

This month, Governor McCrory announced that the private bathroom in the Governor’s mansion is getting a $230,000 makeover. My guess is they’ll be running a pipe directly into the mouths of the poor and the disenfranchised. Jesse would like that.

  • Bob Fishell

    Does anything grow in the dirt where they buried that old bastard?

    • IrishGrrrl

      Poison ivy

      • 2sents


  • muselet

    Calling Jesse Helms “one of the most despicable human beings in American history” is a little like calling Mount Whitney “a tallish mountain.” But I suppose if you’re an ambitious North Carolina R (or you’re a North Carolina R who wants to keep his head attached), you have to honor the old buzzard.

    And yes, Pat McCrory’s defense of North Carolina’s voter suppression laws would certainly do Jesse Helms proud, right down to the deliberate misstatement of the Supremes’ already tortured reasoning regarding the Voting Rights Act.

    If the Ds are smart, they’ll hang this around Pat McCrory’s neck like a frakking millstone.


  • mdblanche

    I can’t get angry at North Carolina Republicans for honoring their role model any more than I can get angry at a scorpion for stinging me. It’s just their nature.

  • Victor_the_Crab

    You know, Jesus … the Associated Press article quoted where Jesus said turn the other cheek, but Jesus also ran the money-changers out of the temple in anger with a whip. And so there is a time to be tough, there’s a time to, I wouldn’t necessarily say get even, but there’s a time to look out for yourself and for your family and for your country and to defend yourself and I don’t think that’s contrary to what Jesus taught at all.

    Of course it escapes the pea brained minds of God fearin’ imbeciles, like Falwell Spawn, that the reason Jesus drove the money lenders out was that he despised people trying to make money off of his name. These coloscopybags on the right had better hope Jesus doesn’t actually return (like that’e ever going to happen). ‘Cuz if he does, they’re all gonna be on the receiving end of a massive bitchslapping from the son of God.

    And as for Jesse “Piss” Helms, it says a lot about today’s Republican party when the despicialble former senator from North Carolina would be looked at as mainstream within the current GOP.

  • william trent

    The whole GOP minority outreach is a sick joke, and the North Carolina GOP just proves it by honoring that vile old racist Jesse Helms.