Chris Christie The Media WTF

Ringing Endorsement


The New Jersey Star-Ledger has endorsed Governor Chris Christie, but to say that they aren’t big fans would be putting it lightly.

This is how they describe Christie.

The property tax burden has grown sharply on his watch. He is hostile to low-income families, raising their tax burden and sabotaging efforts to build affordable housing. He’s been a catastrophe on the environment, draining $1 billion from clean energy funds and calling a cease-fire in the state’s fight against climate change.

The governor’s claim to have fixed the state’s budget is fraudulent. New Jersey’s credit rating has dropped during his term, reflecting Wall Street’s judgment that he has dug the hole even deeper. He has no plan to finance transit projects and open space purchases now that he has nearly drained the dedicated funds he inherited from Gov. Jon Corzine.

His ego is entertaining, but it’s done damage as well. By removing two qualified justices from the Supreme Court without good cause, he threatened the independence of judges at all levels, and provoked a partisan stalemate that has left two vacant seats on the high court. This was a power grab gone wrong.

Despite a very frank and accurate description of Christie’s tenure thus far, the Star-Ledger has endorsed him for an unfathomably stupid reason that lays the ground work for future pieces that blame “both sides” for the state’s problems.


We have endorsed Chris Christie and urge you to press the button for him, but it’s up to Democrats to stop his agenda. What?

It gets better worse.


Christie hasn’t fully disclosed his plans and our fear is that he’ll veer rightward and do terrible things.

Fuck it, we’ll endorse him anyway.


  • Victor_the_Crab

    I suggest the Star-Ledger change its name to the Daily Derp.

  • muselet

    Gob? Smacked. Flabber? Gasted. Jaw? Dropped. New Jersey Star-Ledger? Doornail.


  • D_C_Wilson

    He’s an asshole, but he’s our asshole.

  • freakishlystrong

    This—>We have endorsed Chris Christie and urge you to press the button for him, but it’s up to Democrats to stop his agenda. What?

  • Ipecac

    Your tag of “No, Seriously, WTF?” is right on.


    How can you possibly endorse someone with that laundry list of SERIOUS problems. Dumbasses.

  • Robert Scalzi

    in other words – the OWNERS of this paper want us to endorse Christie , if we do not we will lose our Jobs so we wrote this “glowing” endorsement so we could keep our cushy but about to expire jobs in print media.

  • mrbrink

    It’s painful. I’m only surprised they were that honest. They like him because he’s a crocodile tear-dropping bully, who they perceive to be a better politician than a Governor. They like politicians. They like his ego, and they are his bitch, and this is all one big media cry for help.

    They disparage his opponent, Barbara Buono, because she’s real, she’s progressive, and because she’s ‘friendly with teachers unions,’ and because she’s not an insincere asshole jerk.

    As governor, she would allow gay couples to marry, raise the minimum wage and stop the baseless attacks on the courts. She would raise taxes on incomes greater than $1 million, and restore at least some of the property tax rebates that Christie cut. She would also restore funding for Planned Parenthood, and sign strong gun legislation. On each of those issues, we are with her.

    But she would undo all that mean-spirited blowhard-nothingness!

    Their endorsement goes to Christie, despite “the deep reservations” because he holds their heads under the sheets and farts. Pathetic.