“Sit Down and Shut Up”

The President of the Chamber of Commerce is not impressed by Senator Ted Cruz.

“He has his right as a member of the Senate to get out and push the things he supports or resist the things he doesn’t support and we’re going to try to work with him wherever we can,” Donahue said during an event hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

A reporter said, “people are assuming that the business community would kind of like him to sit down and shut up,” Donahue replied, “Well, that might be one thing we could work on.”

Supporting conservative, business-friendly politicians is more or less the default position of the Chamber of Commerce, but today’s conservatives aren’t business-friendly. They’re a threat to business.

There have been rumors and hints that the Chamber may begin backing more moderate Republican candidates over extreme, anti-regulation Defund-The-EPA zealots, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • captnkurt

    From: CoC
    To: Calgary Cruz
    Subject: A Very Special Video Message

    Dear Senator Cruz,

  • mrbrink

    The chamber wants all the deregulation and privatization without all the uncertainty.

  • mdblanche

    Perhaps the CoC can send Ned Beatty to have a little talk with Calgary Cruz.

  • Norbrook

    It’s already started, although on a limited scale. I think one of the things that scares the crap out of business groups is that the Tea Party Republicans were perfectly willing to create a global economic disaster to get their way.

    • dbtheonly

      And the Business Community really can’t afford to have their future Scientists taught “Creation Science” in school.

      It’s the schism in the Republican Party we’ve noted for a while. Social Conservatives and Economic Conservatives aren’t interested in the same issues.